Superhero Lego Batman Costume for Kids

Lego Batman Costume for Kids

Who knew you could dress up as Lego Batman for Halloween? I didn’t know it was possible.  Being anything Lego is cool but nothing is cooler than being Lego Batman for Halloween.  Batman lego gets to live on his own island with all his toys and protect Gotham City.  He fights crime and defends the innocent from his all time enemy – The Joker.  Your kids will enjoy dressing up in this boxy Lego costume.  Below are some Lego Batman costume ideas for kids.   You could also dress up your kids as batman and robin.  Don’t forget to check out more Batman costume ideas for his sidekick – Robin and villian – The Joker costumes.  Click here to see more Batman costume ideas.

Lego Batman Costume for Kids

Lego Batman Costume

Lego Batman costume for kids


This polyfoam tunic includes a character mask, and of course, gloves that come with the signature Lego cupped shape. The tunic is printed to bring all of the character’s minifigure style to life, and if that’s not enough to seal the deal, the removable cape will have your kid ready to save Lego Multiverse Gotham City.

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Lego Batman Boomerangs

Lego Batman costume boomerangs


POW! BANG! You batarang, of course! These Batman Boomerangs can provide you the assistance you need to attack bad guys without the use of guns. This set is the perfect accessory for any adult or kid’s Dark Knight costume because these batarangs are made of a tough poly/foam and have the signature bat shape.

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