Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy Adult Star Lord Costume Ideas

Guardians of the Galaxy Adult Star Lord Costume

Star Lord is a Marvel Superhero in Guardians of the Galaxy.   His alter ego is Peter Jason Quill.  His team includes himself, Groot, Gamora, Drax the Destroyer and Rocket Raccoon.  Star Lord’s special abilities include peak human condition, skilled marksman and martial artist, master strategist, use of dual element guns, his helmet provides survivability in space, universal translator implant and flight via jet boots.   Below are adult Star Lord costume ideas for Halloween.  Everyone loves Guardians of the Galaxy!  Click here to see more Guardians of the Galaxy costume ideas.

Star Lord Costume Ideas for Adults

Deluxe Star Lord Costume

Guardians of the Galaxy Deluxe Star Lord Costume


This deluxe Star-Lord costume gives you a look that will have you ready to team up with Gamora to fight evil space aliens. It comes with a jumpsuit inspired by the movie, which has printed details and a zipper in front. Just grab your space blaster and get to fighting some baddies with that awesome new name and outfit you got going for you!

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Grand Heritage Star Lord Costume

Guardians of the Galaxy Grand Heritage Star Lord Costume


The long faux leather coat fastens with metal snaps in the front and has strong foam gauntlets to give you that extra protection from wandering laser fire. The molded plastic mask is shockingly comfortable despite its frightening appearance—made all the more so when two 1.5 volt button-batteries make the exterior eyes glow! Make sure you don’t leave the ship without a couple elemental blasters, because you never know what dangers might await you. Fear not, though. You’re Star-Lord and nothing can go wrong so long as you have your walkman and Awesome Mix!

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Star Lord Costume Mask

Guardians of the Galaxy Star Lord Costume Mask for adults


Now, you can have that look and you don’t even need to be a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy! All you need to do is add this deluxe Star-Lord Mask to you cart and you’ll be all set to go. It’s designed to look like the one from the Marvel movies, so just wear it with your best red jacket and you’ll be ready for your own kind of intergalactic hijinks.

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Star Lord Costume Gloves for Adults

Star Lord gloves for adults


The Star-Lord can mask up and suit up all he wants (wait, is mask-up a term?) but if Peter Quill doesn’t have his hands covered then he’s not fully protected. Even on a peaceful day, hand gear is important. Just take the work he has to do on his ship, the Milano. After he and the other guardians return back to the planet Berhart there’s a lot of work to be done on the battle worn ship. It wouldn’t be good to damage his shooting hand while he’s fixing his engine.  

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Star Lord Gun

Guardians of the Galaxy Star Lord Costume Gun


Star Lord Gun is going to be a pretty much aid in the tasks you have ahead of you. This plastic orange and black painted gun might look like a toy, but, then again, so to half the things that Star Lord equips. Once you unleash the true power of your gadgets, these twin blasters included, the galaxy better beware because the Guardians aren’t going to let anything get by them!

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