The Vikings

Athelstan Vikings Costume for Adults

Athelstan Vikings Costume Monk for Adults

Spoiler alert! The Vikings is the best show on Netflix right now besides the Crown of course.  The Vikings led by Ragnar Lothbrok sailed west for the first time and invaded England.  Ragnar and his team of Vikings attacked a small village and monastery, capturing monks to be sold as slaves and treasures for his Earl.  One of the monks he captured was Athelstan.  He used Athelstan for his knowledge of England and also to teach him the language.  His knowledge was more valuable than any treasure he plundered and saved Athelstan from slavery or death at the hands of another Viking.   Athelstan was a man of God and slowly drifted and wavered in his faith and began believing the Gods of the pagans, Gods that included Thor and Loki.   Athelstan became a trusted friend and loyal advisor to Ragnar.  Athelstan is a great costume idea for people who are going to dress up as Vikings as a group.  You definitely need a monk there.  Below are Athelstan Vikings Costume ideas for adults. Click here to find more Vikings costume ideas.

Athelstan Vikings Costume Ideas

Athelstan Vikings Costume

Athelstan Vikings Costume Ideas for Adults

It was prophesized that the Vikings would discover England.  When the Vikings did touch land and the priest was notified, he didn’t even believe it.  At any rate, the Vikings including Ragnar and his brother Rollo brutally slaughtered everyone except for a few monks including Athelstan at the Monastery.

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Athelstan Monk Cross

Athelstan Vikings Costume - monk cross


Athelstan is a monk and of course he wears a cross around his neck.  You have to accesorize yourself with one too if you want to look like him.

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Athelstan Monk Costume

Mandalorian The Child Baby Yoda Costume


Dress like Athelstan the monk in this brown frock costume.

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Athlestan Vikings Costume Wig

Athelstan Vikings Costume - monk wig


Monks in England shaved the top of their heads.  When Athelstan’s hair started growing back when he was captured and in Ragnar’s home he was shaving the top of his head with a knife.  He was desperately trying to cling onto his beliefs.

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Athelstan Monk Bible and Flask

Athelstan Vikings Costume-Bible and Flask


Athlestan does cross over to the pagan ways so carry your bible and flask too.  He might get a little tipsy after reading a few verses.

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Athelstan Vikings Costume

Athelstan Vikings Costume


Athelstan killed someone and he killed some more when he joined Ragnar on his raids in England.  Remember to carry your axe and wear your arm ring.  Gotta show your loyalty to your Earl and King.

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Athlestan Vikings Shield

Athelstan Vikings Costume Vikings Shield


You’re fighting with Ragnar and his Vikings, you have to carry his shield color.  Be prepared and train hard because you have to hold the shield wall too.

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Athlestan Drinking Horn

Athelstan Vikings Costume - Drinking Horn


Even a monk gets thirsty.  Gotta get Athelstan a drinking horn too.

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Athlestan Vikings Axe Prop

Athelstan Vikings Costume Axe Prop


If you are with Ragnar, you must know how to wield an axe.  You are trusted because you can kill and you gave up your Christian ways.  Don’t forget to get this axe prop to complete your Athelstan look.

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