The Vikings

The Vikings Costume Ideas - Ragnar and more

The Vikings is a Netflix series that has really captured my attention.  I just started watching the show last month and have been trying to slowly watch it but can’t help to binge watch a couple shows once in a while.  There is blood, there is love, there is politics, scheming, kings, queens, vikings, death, life, religion, treasure and so much more.  Ragnar Lothbrok is the main character of the show.  He’s goes from being an average farmer, a loyal viking, an Earl, then a King.  He lives in Kattegat with his first wife Lagertha Lothbrok.  They have a son Bjorn Ironside and daugther.  Ragnar Lothbrok’s second wife Princess Aslaug gave him 4 more sons including a son they named Ivar the Boneless.  Ragnar sailed West and found Britain and we watch him on his Viking crusades.  The battles are fierce and blood thirsty.  Find the best Viking costume ideas for Ragnar Lothbrok, Lagertha, Bjorn Ironside, Floki and more below.

The Vikings Costume Ideas

Ragnar Lothbrok Costumes

The Vikings Ragnar Lothbrok Costumes

Ragnar is just a farmer who wanted to sail west for his Earl, plunder and bring back treasure.  His Earl did not want him to sail west and said no.  Ragnar would not give up and asked Floki to build him a ship.  Floki built him a ship and Ragnar sailed west.  He found Britain and plundered and found lots of jewels.  Ragnar Lothbrok did not value treasure but found that knowledge has a higher value and saved a priest from becoming a slave.

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Lagertha Lothbrok Costumes

The Vikings Lagertha Lothbrok Costumes

Lagertha Lothbrok is the ex-wife of Ragnar Lothbrok.  She bore him 2 children including a son Bjorn Ironside and a daughter Gyda who died in a plague.   She is a shield maiden and was a farmer too.  After Lagertha divorced from Ragnar she became Earl Ingstad in another Earldom.  She sailed west with Ragnar, fought and plundered lands.

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Floki Costumes

The Vikings Floki Costumes

Floki, the shipbuilder.  Ragnar was able to sail west because Floki helped him build a ship and later when Ragnar became Earl and King, Floki helped him build more ships to sail West.

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Bjorn Ironside Costumes

The Vikings Bjorn Ironside Costumes

Bjorn Ironside is the eldest son of Ragnar and Lagertha Lothbrok.  When Lagertha left Ragnar he chose to leave with her.  Bjorn grew up and always itching to fight and proud of his father Ragnar.  When Bjorn reunited with Ragnar Lothbrok they sailed West as well.

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Athelstan Costumes

The Vikings Athelstan Costumes

Athelstan was a Christian monk.  They had it in their scrolls that one day Northmen would raid their land.  When Ragnar and his gang raided the Church they killed a lot of monks and plundered their riches.  Ragnar captured a bunch of their monks and took them back to sell as slaves. Ragnar took Athelstan back as a slave to help him with his farmlands and take care of his children.  He also educated Ragnar of the Britain lands, their kings, language and more.  Later Athelstan became more than that.

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