Stranger Things Costumes

Stranger Things Costumes

Stranger Things is a Netflix series that captured everyone’s interest because it was so unique.  No one had ever created a GOOD show that involved kids with supernatural abilities.  This show is perfect for adults and kids alike, if you haven’t watched it, you must of been living under a rock.  It’s time to check out what all the craze is about.   Stranger Things takes place in a city called Hawkins.  There are a few main characters including Joyce Byers, Will Byers, Jim Hopper, Mike Wheeler, Nancy Wheeler, Eleven ie Jane Hopper, Dustin Henderson, Billy Hargrove, Maxine Mayfield, Lucas Sinclair and don’t forget the Demogorgan!   Season 1 is basically about a girl named Eleven who escapes from a research facility and finds a group of 4 boys.  The boys are playing Dungeons and Dragons.   Will mysteriously disappears into another world and his mom Joyce is trying to find him.  Season 2, we find out Will is still being controlled by the Upside Down and everyone in town is trying to find the source to save him and the world.  Season 3, relationships are developing and getting stronger.  Maxine and Eleven are good friends, Mike and Eleven are dating, Jim wants to ask Joyce on a date all in the meanwhile trying to fight a Demogorgon.  Click here for all Stranger Things Costumes ideas.

Joyce & Will Byers Stranger Things Costumes

Joyce Byers Costumes

Netflix Stranger Things Joyce Byers Costume


Joyce Byers is the mother of Will Byers.  Will was captured by the Demogorgon and brought into the Upside down.  A dark and twisted second dimension of the current plane of existence. Joyce finds out that Will is actually trapped in the other world in their own house and uses Christmas lights to try to communicate with him.

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Will Byers Costumes

Netflix Stranger Things Will Byers Costume for Kids


Will Byers is the only son of Joyce.  He gets trapped in the Upside Down and communicates using Christmas lights.  After he is rescued everyone thinks everything is back to normal but Will is far from normality.  He starts to see strange things, things he’s been drawing.  Dark shadows, dark skies and he realizes he’s connected to the Demorgorgon still from being in the Upside down.

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Jim Hopper Stranger Things Costumes

Jim Hopper Costumes

Stranger Things Jim Hopper Costume for Adults and Kids

Jim Hopper is the local sheriff in Hawkins.  He’s a good friend of Joyce.  Joyce went to him to help her save Will in the walls.  He thought she was crazy after seeing her with an axe chopping at all the walls of her house.  He eventually believes her and saves Will.  Jim later also hides Eleven in a cabin in the woods.  There she is safe.  Later he is seen playing the protective dad when Eleven and Mike are hanging out in her room.

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Eleven/Jane Hopper Stranger Things Costumes

Eleven Season 1 Costumes

Netflix Stranger Things Eleven Pink Dress Costume Ideas

Eleven has psychokinetic abilities and was captured when she was a little baby.  She’s been in a lab where scientists do tests on her.  She manages to escape and is found by Mike, Dustin and Lucas while they were out searching for their friend Will.  They decide to hide her in Mike’s basement in a fort.  She uses her abilities and they are amazed.


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Eleven Season 2 Costumes

Stranger Things Eleven Punk Costume

Eleven in Season 2 is hidden in the forest by Jim Hopper.  He offers her shelter and she slowly learns English by watching TV.  She learns how to control her abilities better.  Here she also goes through a rebellious stage and gets especially mad when she finds a box in Jim’s attic that shows that her mother is still alive.  She goes on a mission to find her birth mother and find the truth.  After she finds her mother she finds her other sister.  Through her powers she discovers that her friends in Hawkins need her help and she returns back to help save Will.

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Eleven Season 3 Costumes

Season 3 Stranger Things Eleven Costume

Eleven and Mike have been dating for a couple months.  This has been fraying on the mind of Jim Hopper.  He’s been constantly telling them to leave the door open.  They are kissing but always are not when Jim comes around to check on them.  Joyce tells Jim to give them a talk about but he doesn’t.  He gets really mad at Mike in the truck and threatens him to stay away from Eleven.  At the end Joyce gives Eleven a heartfelt letter that he wrote to her during that time.  She also hangs out with Maxine more and they investigate why a lifeguard has gone missing at the Hawkins pool.

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Maxine and Billy Stranger Things Costumes

Maxine Hargrove Costumes

Stranger Things Maxine Mad Max Costume

Max is the newbie in town and meets up with Lucas and friends.  She’s pretty cool because she rides a skateboard everywhere.  In Season 3 she’s best friends with Eleven.  She’s dating Lucas.   Eleven and Max investigate why a lifeguard has gone missing and actually goes to the house of the missing lifeguard.  That’s because Eleven is starting to have visions of the lifeguard drowning in a bathtub.  They see her still alive and assume everything is ok, but it’s far from the truth.  Maxine’s stepbrother Billy picks her up and drops her off at school.

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Billy Costumes

Stranger Things Billy Swimsuit Costume

Billy is relatively unknown before Season 3.  In Season 3 we see him more.  He’s the lifeguard at the Hawkin’s pool and attracts all the women to the pool to show off their stuff.   He’s captured by a mind flayer while driving to meet Mrs. Wheeler.  He starts killing people and mind flaying people to build an army for the upside down.   He sacrificed himself to kill the Mind Flayer after it looked like it was going to kill Eleven, Maxine and her friends.  He said ” I’m sorry” to her before he died.

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Dustin Stranger Things Costumes

Dustin Henderson Costumes

Stranger Things Dustin Costume

Dustin Henderson is friends with Will, Mike, Lucas, Max and Eleven.  He’s the one who discovered what the Demogorgon was.  While in camp he met a girl named Suzie.  They made a satellite together so they could communicate with each other when not together.  Dustin was trying to show off his satellite to his friends when he intercepted another radio signal believed to be Russian intelligence.  They later discovered the radio signals were coming directly from Hawkins and underneath the Starcourt mall.  Dustin and Erica (Lucas’s sister) head out under Starcourt mall and with the help of all their friends defeat the Demogorgon.  So much happens, you have to watch the show yourself.

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Scoops Ahoy Stranger Things Costumes

 Ships Ahoy Costumes

Stranger Things Steve and Robin Costume Season 3

Scoops Ahoy is an icecream shop in the Starcourt mall in the Netflix show Stranger Things.  It’s where Robin and Steve meet.  Steve uses the back halls to access the mall’s movie theater and watch movies for free.  Erica, Lucas’s sister always asks Robin to try samples of the icecream, and wants to sample all the icecream making Robin very mad.  Steve also thinks he can use the new job to pick up girls but has no luck and gets laughed at by Robin.  Dustin comes to Steve to help him decode a message he picked up from his Satellite but Robin was able to help them decode it.  Steve and Robin made the Scoops Ahoy brand famous and various icecream shops turned Scoops Ahoy for a brief time in promo of Stranger Things.

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Demogorgon Stranger Things Costumes

Demogorgon Costumes

Stranger Things Demogorgon Costume Ideas

The Demogorgon is an evil creature from the Upside down.  It’s been kidnapping people and taking them into his own world and killing them.  The Demogorgon captured Will and dragged him into the Upside Down but Will managed to hide in his own house but couldn’t reach his mother, Joyce.  Will Byers was finally able to use the Christmas lights his mother put up to communicate with her.  The Demogorgon killed Barbara Holland when she was sitting on a diving board at a party that Nancy Wheeler invited her to.  Eleven was able to defeat the Demogorgon and kill it.

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