The Vikings

Vikings Floki Costume Ideas for Adults

The VIkings Floki Costume Ideas

The Vikings is an exciting and very violent show on Netflix.  It’s almost as good as Game of Thrones.  Game of Thrones is a little better because it has dragons of course.  But the Vikings have amazing boats that can sail the sea.  Ragnar Lothbrok was able to sail west from Kattegat only with the help of his slightly crazy friend Floki.  He was later named Floki the shipbuilder or Floki the boat builder.  He has great craftsmenship and built Ragnar a fleet of boats to sail west to find Britain and conquer land.  He later build towers and he became Floki the tower builder too.  Although they lost the first battle in Paris, his towers were probably the first of it’s kind to be used in battle.  Well it’s the first time I saw it being used in battle in the Vikings.  It’s better than a little ladder but sadly it’s still made of wood and can burn easily which is what happened to most of them.  Floki is crazy – spoiler alert, he even killed the monk Athelstan because he was talking a lot with Ragnar and Floki wasn’t happy.  Floki thought the gods wanted a blood sacrifice and killed Athelstan to please his Gods.  Find Vikings Floki costume ideas below. Click here to find more The Vikings costume ideas.

The Vikings Floki Costume Ideas

Vikings Floki Costume

The Vikings Floki Costume

Finding solutions to unsolvable problems is what Floki loves best. When you step into his character, you’ll need to think on your feet. Maybe you’re heading out with Lagertha, Ragnar, and Bjorn Ironside or maybe you’re heading out on a solo expedition. Either way, we’re pretty confident you’ll find adventure. Just make sure you’ve got a prop ax at your side. Whether you’re building a ship or leading an army in battle, Floki is never unprepared!

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Vikings Floki Axe prop

The Vikings Floki Costume-axe prop


When you’re beside Ragnar, you must always be ready for battle.  Rememer to grab one of these axes when you sail west to take over the monastery.

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Vikings Floki Red Shield

The Vikings Floki Costume - shield


This Wooden Viking Shield brings one sturdy looking piece of battle equipment. It looks just like something that a Viking marauder might use to defend himself during a vicious battle. Of course, this prop is just that! A prop. So, do go out and try to block sword attacks with this thing if you value your life. It DOES, however, make for one awesome LARPing accessory. So, whether you’re headed into pretend battles, or you just want to look like a glorious Valkyrie, then this shield is exactly what you want in your off-hand.

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Black Face Makeup

The Vikings Floki Costume - face makeup


Floki’s signature look includes lots of black face makeup.  Remember to draw lines down the sides of your face before and after battle.  Even use it when you are sleeping.  You want to be prepared and please the gods with your Floki look.

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Vikings Floki Wig

The Vikings Floki Costume - wig


. But with this Brown Viking Wig, Beard, and Mustache you will be prepared for a Floki shipbuilding day. You’ll able to enjoy the frivolity, and fun, all without having to go to the trouble of growing your own hair, and beard! And don’t forget to grab a Viking costume on your way to check out for a real Floki experience.

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Floki Shield

The Vikings Floki Costume - shield


Get ready for the shield wall.  You must have your red shield up to protect your fellow warriors against archers.  Complete your Floki Viking look with this red shield.

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Floki’s drinking horn

The Vikings Floki Costume - drinking horn


After a day’s battle one must definitely wind down with a horn of ale.  Remember to pick up a horn because it can’t be all work without play.  Everyone must have a work life balance even if it is Floki who is constantly worrying and working.

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