Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling Viking Costume

GLOW Glamorous ladies of wrestling Viking Costume

GLOW aka Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling is a Netflix series starring 12 Hollywood misfits banding together to make a show about girls wrestling.  Can it be something you would watch or someone would have interest in watching?  It’s hard to get sponsors and hard to have a patron to who will fork over the money to pay rent, pay for costumes, makeup and venues.  GLOW is a really good show on Netflix, everyone should watch it.  There are tons of characters including Ruth the Russian and Debbie the Liberty Bell.  Reggie Walsh was supposed to be Liberty Bell because she was an olympian but lacked personality and very boring.  The title got passed to Debbie who brought more fire to the character.  Debbie became The Viking.  You can easily have a GLOW halloween party group.  Your costume doesn’t have to be boring, although Debbie’s costumes are quiet boring, she just wears braids.  Below are some viking costumes to think about.  Click here for more GLOW netflix costume ideas.  It’s worth checking out.

Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling The Viking Costume

GLOW Viking Sexy Costume

GLOW Netflix Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling - Viking


The Viking is strong and will win the match.  It’s been said that love is a battlefield. But to some people, those words might sound a little out of order. The valkyrie who must have inspired this Women’s Viking Vixen Costume, for example, would probably say a battlefield is love, or whatever was closest in Old Norse. And people like us, who enjoy mixing things up, might assert that field is a love battle—though we can’t claim to know what that means!

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GLOW Wrestling Viking Costume

GLOW Netflix Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling - Viking


Say what you will about the culture of the Vikings, but their fearsome warriors have a reputation for being really hard to stop. So if you’re bound and determined to climb aboard a longboat and set sail for a distant shore, we suggest you give some thought to putting on one of these Women’s Viking Costumes first!

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The Viking Blue and Red Swimsuit

GLOW Netflix Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling - Red Blue Swimsuit


GLOW Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling Netflix series The Viking look a like costume body suit.  You can mix and match from the Viking costume ideas above with this bodysuit.

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