T-Rex Dinosaur Costume Ideas for Adults and Kids

Halloween Dinosaur Costume for Adults and Kids

Kids and adults are fascinated with dinosaurs.  How can they be extinct!  Maybe with these costumes, dinosaurs can once again roam the earth.  Let them populate and find places to live and eat.   There are tons of dinosaur movies like Jurassic Park, Dinosaurs, Toy Story, walk with beasts, and so much more.  Below are dinosaur costumes you can use to dress up for Halloween or maybe any day of the week.  Click here for more dinosaur costume ideas.

T-Rex Dinosaur Costume Ideas for Adults and Kids

Dinosaur Mascot Costume

Halloween Dinosaur Costume for Kids and Adults


Chances are, the way professional sports can sometimes move slowly, we won’t see a dinosaur team anytime soon. But that doesn’t have to stop you from imagining what it could be like in this Dinosaur Mascot Costume. It’s a plush, comfortable polyester suit that zips up in back and features purple felt scales down the back and tail, with hand and foot covers to keep you looking your dinosaur-iest.

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Toddler T-Rex Dinosaur Costume

Halloween Dinosaur Costume for Kids and Adults - T-rex


Oh, and it looks like one of our passengers really likes his dinosaurs. He appears to be wearing a T-Rex costume. Oh, isn’t he just precious. And he can roar like the toughest dinosaur out here in the Mesozoic Era. We will get him some snacks for the journey, we wouldn’t want a big strong T-Rex like him getting hungry. The T-Rex that we will find outside have teeth up to 12 inches long! That’s a whole foot! *Static*

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Kids T-Rex Costume

Beauty and the Beast - Ultra Prestige Beast Costumes


As a one-piece suit, this costume zips up in the front for easy on and off and there are little dino-paws attached to the wrists and ankles.The hood, back, and tail all have shiny gold spikes that give it added detail that any child will love. Your child has lots of time to decide what their favorite dinosaur is, and this costume will give them a chance to spend a little time as one. It will also give them a plenty of chances to practice their scary roar!

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Kids Pteranodon Dinosaur Costume

Halloween Dinosaur Costume for Kids and Adults - Pteranodon


With this costume, they’ll be living it up as Tiny Pteranodon, just like on the show. Just like the animated show, your little one can play out all of the Pteranodon’s adventures, but keep your eyes peeled for the Dinosaur Train! When it comes, neither of you are going to want to miss it.!

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Adult T-Rex Costume

Halloween Dinosaur Costume for Kids and Adults - T-Rex


Since you’re probably used to seeing these dinos as towering, tough skinned behemoths with giant toothy heads and ridiculously small arms, it may take a moment to get used to this costume. But trust us, once you step into this cozy bodysuit, with the comfortably proportional arms and hood, you’ll warm right up to this new, more chilled out perspective on the lizard. However, if you do feel the urge to display some of T-Rex’s trademark fierce demeanor, you can always give the costume’s big plush tail a swing. It may be soft, but it gets the message across.

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Toddler Pink Dinosaur Costume

AHalloween Dinosaur Costume for Kids and Adults - Pink dinosaur


The pink and purple jumpsuit has soft-sculpted dinosaur features that she’ll love! She might be off scaring the house cat or dog, but you’ll sure get a kick out of seeing her little tail bounce around throughout the house. Just be sure to keep plenty of dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets around so she doesn’t wander around looking for the neighborhood herbivores to snack on. If she leaves home without having lunch, then your little chomper might just eat them up!

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Toddler Blue Dinosaur

Halloween Dinosaur Costume for Kids and Adults - Blue Dinosaur


In this blue jumpsuit with a sculpted dinosaur head, your little one is sure to catch on to the extra cuteness boost.

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Kid’s Orange T-Rex Costume

Halloween Dinosaur Costume for Kids and Adults - Orange t-rex


If your child loves to watch Buddy and his travels on the Dinosaur Train as much as we do, they’re probably a huge fan of the lovable T-Rex’s bright orange-and-blue coloration and his curiosity about the most amazing creatures ever to walk the Earth. So we’re pleased to offer this adorable jumpsuit set, which includes everything you’ll need to make your budding paleontologist look just like their favorite cuddly carnivore!

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