Magical Unicorn Costume for Adults and Kids

Magical Unicorn Costume for Adults and Kids

Legend has it that if you catch a unicorn, you will have good luck for the rest of your life. That’s convenient, eh? It’s easy to see why everybody would be on the prowl for a wild unicorn to tame and keep for themselves.  Unicorns were all the rage this year with unicorn hair, unicorn nails, and even unicorn fraps at Starbucks.  Even though they didn’t tastes great they were Instagram worthy for sure.  Below are tons of Unicorn costume ideas for adults and kids to dress up for Halloween.   Click here to see more magical beast costumes.

Magical Unicorn Costume Ideas

Fantasy Unicorn Costume

Magical Unicorn Costume for Adults and Kids


Ever wondered through misty forests searching for the great, hidden unicorn? Unfortunately, we can’t give away their location, but we can let you feel like you belong among them in this Fantasy Unicorn Costume. And if you’re ever in trouble, just turn on your LED headpiece for help.

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Women’s Magical Unicorn costume

Magical Unicorn Costume for Adults and Kids - onesie


With a flowing tail and furry, horned hood you’re sure to feel more magical than you ever thought was possible. Wear it while you’re lounging majestically at home. Just remember to own it. After all, you’re a unicorn. This is your time.  

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Ladies rainbow unicorn costume

Magical Unicorn Costume for Adults and Kids - Rainbow


Conclusively, we brainstormed tons of creative ways to transform into a unicorn, but nothing does the job better than this rainbow unicorn costume. Not only will you be sporting a majestic horn and silver sparkles, but you’ll have a pastel mane, tail, and lower leg tufts (leg warmers). We recommend wearing this costume, frolicking in the open meadows and playfully swatting at butterflies. Or better yet, wear it to one of our upcoming book signings!

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Kids Ride a Unicorn Costume

Magical Unicorn Costume for Adults and Kids - ride a unicorn


This Ride A Unicorn costume has a body of brushed knit flannel, lined with interlock knit and stuffed with fiberfill for that soft squeeze-ability every unicorn needs to comfort its maiden. It has grosgrain ribbon suspenders with plastic slides for length adjustment––we can’t stop your princess from ever outgrowing her fondest companion, but we can put it off as long as possible.

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Adult Rainbow Unicorn Kigurumi

Magical Unicorn Costume for Adults and Kids - kigurumi


The Kigurumi costume is a Japanese style pajama outfit that’s designed to look like your favorite animals and cartoon characters. This particular one has you looking like one colorful and cozy quadrupedal creature. It’s made of an ultra-soft fleece material that’s as comfortable to sleep in as it is to wear on the magical unicorn adventures that you’ll be having while wearing it. It buttons up in the front and has plenty of pink, purple, yellow, green and blue colors flowing through the exterior of it. The hood has a unicorn shaped head and even has a soft plush horn sticking up on top.

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