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Kids Marvel Superhero Costumes

Kids Marvel Superhero Costumes

Kids all want to dress up as a superhero.  They love spiderman and wolverine.  Below are some kids Marvel costume ideas to help you find costumes for your little boy or girl for any special occasion ie Halloween, birthday parties, dress up parties and more.  You can check out my other post here for Men’s Marvel Costumes and here for Women’s Marvel Costumes.

Marvel Spiderman Costume

Marvel Kids Spiderman Costume
1.Kids Reversible Spiderman Costume 2.Child Deluxe Spider-Girl Costume

  1. Marvel Kids Reversible Spiderman Costume
  2. Girls Spider girl Costume
Kids Spiderman Costume Accessories
3.Kids Deluxe Spiderman Long Gloves4.Spiderman Movie Child Boot Covers

  1. Marvel Kids Spiderman Gloves
  2. Kids Spiderman Boots

Marvel Hulk Costume

Kids Marvel Hulk Costume
1.Toddler Hulk Muscle Costume 2.She Hulk Tutu Prestige Costume

  1. Marvel Kids Hulk Costume
  2. Girls She Hulk Tutu Costume
Kids Hulk Costume Accessories
3.Hulk Avengers 2 Makeup Kit4.Child Hulk Avengers 2 Gloves

  1. Hulk Green Makeup Kit
  2. Child Hulk Avengers 2 Gloves

Marvel Thor Costume

Marvel Kids Thor Costume
1.Child Avengers Thor Muscle Costume2.Marvel Superhero Girl Thor Costume

  1. Marvel Boys Thor Costume
  2. Girls Thor Costume
Kids Thor Costume Accessories
3.Child Thor Helmet4.Thor Molded Hammer

  1. Kids Thor Helmet
  2. Thor Hammer

Marvel Ironman Costume

Marvel Kids Ironman Costume
1.Child Classic Iron Man Costume2.Marvel Superhero Girl Thor Costume

  1. Marvel Boys Ironman Costume
  2. Girls Thor Costume
Kids Ironman Costume Accessories
3.Child Iron Man Mark 42 Gloves4.Adult Ironman Mask

  1. Child Deluxe Iron Man Mark 42 Gloves
  2. Kids Ironman Mask

Marvel Captain America Costume

Kids Marvel Captain America Costume
1.Child Avengers 2 Deluxe Captain America Costume2.Marvel Superhero Girl Captain America Costume

  1. Marvel Boys Captain Ameerica Costume
  2. Girls Captain America Costume
Kids Captain America Costume Accessories
3.Child Captain America Shield4.Child Captain America Gloves

  1. Child Captain America Shield
  2. Child Captain America Gloves

Marvel Wolverine Costume

Marvel Kids Wolverine Costume
1.Child Deluxe Wolverine Costume2.Marvel Superhero Girl Wolverine Costume

  1. Marvel Boys Wolverine Costume
  2. Girls Wolverine Costume
Kids Wolverine Costume Accessories
3.Child Wolverine Claws4.Kids Wolverine Deluxe Mask

  1. Child Marvel Wolverine Claws
  2. Kids Wolverine Mask

Marvel Black Widow Costume

Marvel Kids Black Widow Costume
1.Girls Deluxe Black Widow Costume

  1. Marvel Kids Black Widow Costume
Child Black Widow Costume Accessories
2.Child Avengers 2 Black Widow Wig3.Child Black Widow Avengers 2 Gloves

  1. Child Marvel Black Widow Wig
  2. Kids Black Widow Gloves