Premium Batman Costume for Adults

Premium Batman costume for Adults Superhero

Find authentic quality and premium Batman Costume for adults.  Batman is secretly Bruce Wayne and owner and chairman of Wayne Enterprises.  He witnessed the murder of his parents as a child and swore revenge on criminals.  Bruce Wayne is in a new TV series called Gotham.    Bruce trains himself both physically and intellectually.  In Gotham you see Bruce training himself to hold his breath under water and asks Alfred if he would teach him to fight.   Unlike other Superheroes, Batman does not have any superhuman powers.   He uses physical prowess, martial art, detective, and genius skills.  He also uses his vast wealth, and determination to continue his war on crime.  Below is a collectors edition premium Batman costume for adults.  Follow links for ideas for Selena Kyle Costume for girls and adults.

Premium Batman Costume Ideas

Collector Batman’s Costume
Men's Batman Collector Costume
Collector Batman Costume Includes:Bring the hero of Gotham City to life with this special edition Justice League comic character!
This 12 piece collector’s edition costume includes:

  • Molded latex headpiece with cowl
  • Foam filled molded latex chest piece
  • 2 biceps, trunks with thigh pieces jumpsuit
  • Black cape
  • Yellow utilty belt
  • 2 gauntlets
  • 2 boot tops.

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Deluxe Batman’s Costume for Adults
Deluxe Adult Batman Costume
It comes with a black polyester jumpsuit with a molded foam chest and arms for a truly muscular apperance. It also comes with foam boot tops, a gold molded rubber utility belt, and a hood and cape with foam mask, because you’re defintitely going to want to keep your identity concealed.

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Justice League Batman’s Costume
Justice League Batman Costume for adults
This adult Batman costume comes with everything you need to start your transformation into Bruce Wayne’s alter ego. It comes with a full jumpsuit that has muscle padding in the chest and arms, along with printed armor detailing. Attached boot covers and gauntlets help complete the look, making you look like a fully outfitted superhero with a hefty bankroll! Of course, it also comes with a belt and cape, as well as a Batman mask to hide your secret identity from the likes of The Joker and his goons. The only thing you’ll need to “be Batman” is some deadly gadgets and a lifetime of martial arts training.

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Deluxe Armored Batman’s Costume for Adults
Deluxe Armored Batman Costume
Are you concerned about Superman’s near omnipotent powers? Maybe it’s about time that you gear up like Batman, get your hands on some Kryptonite and start some intense training! Although we have no idea where you can find some Kryptonite, we can help you get the Bruce Wayne’s look with this Dawn of Justice Batman Costume. Based on Zack Snyder’s Batman v Superman movie, this costume brings you armored detailing in a comfortable light-weight style that will keep you agile for any encounter against superheroes or villains alike.

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