Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman Costume for Adults

Wonder Woman Costume for Adults

Wonder Woman was Diana, princess of the Amazons.  She trained to be an unconquerable warrior.  She was raised on a sheltered island paradise where she is told about conflicts that are in the world.  She fights for justice and peace.  Find below some Wonder woman costume ideas to dress up for Halloween, parties or just a night out on the town.  Click here for more Wonder Woman costumes ideas.

Wonder Woman Costume for Adults

Adult Wonder Woman Costume

Deluxe Wonder Woman Costume for Adults


This Woman’s Grand Heritage Wonder Woman Costume is a high quality outfit that recreates Gal Gadot’s look from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. With shiny metallic reds and shimmering blues each piece of this costume captures the powerful and daring Amazonian warrior-princess style.

Click here to get the deluxe Wonder Woman costume for adults.

Adult Wonder Woman Costume includes:

  • 100% polyester, accessories made from latex & vinyl w/ polyurethane foam for comfort
  • Corset-style top has attached clear straps for a secure fit and a zipper on the back
  • Corset features top-stitched details and polyurethane foam lining
  • Skirt has top-stitched details on the golden waistband and polyurethane lining on the belt
  • Skirt closes in the back with velcro
  • Navy blue boyshorts are separate from the skirt and have an elastic waistband
  • Polyester shin guards have a polyurethane foam backing and a strap of elastic behind the knee
  • Bandolier belt is lined with foam and has Velcro to close
  • Gauntlets, armband and tiara accessories are latex with foam lining for comfort, and they close with Velcro
  • Vinyl glovelets are fingerless and slip over hands
  • Officially licensed
  • Gold details on chest, waist and shin guards are not hemmed
Wonder Woman Corset Costume for Adults

Wonder Woman Corset Costume for Adults


We’ve come a long way since the days of Lynda Carter spinning around to change into her Wonder Woman costume. Since then, fans have been clammering for a proper Wonder Woman big screen adaptation, because, she’s kind of a big deal! She’s one of the founding DC superheroes and has been a staple of their comics since 1941. She played a big part in the founding of the Justice League. Click here to get the Wonder Woman corset costume for adults.

Wonder Woman Costume for Adults Caped

Caped Halloween Wonder Woman Costume


If you want to look like a mysterious hybrid between a supermodel and a superhero then you’ll want to outfit yourself in this wonder lady costume. Click here to get the Wonder Woman Costume for Adults.

Wonder Woman Corsetted Costume

Wonder Woman Corsetted costume for Women


This red bustier corset has a constructed foam bust with actual boning and underwire support so you can bust a move without busting out of your costume. Like Diana’s, your look includes a belt, cape, and skirt–but we’ve also given you a little extra (to make up for that office job you have to work), garter straps so that you can pick up a pair of stockings and really make waves.  Click here to get the Wonder Woman Corsetted Costume for women.

Anime Wonder Woman Costume for Women

Wonder Woman costume for women


Who is the strongest woman in the world? That would be none other than Wonder Woman! This hero from the Amazon is always there to save the day when ever trouble is afoot. With this anime inspired costume you’ll be able to bring a fresh look to Wonder Woman. You’ll be all set to join with the Justice League and keep the world safe!  Click here to get the Anime Wonder Woman Costume for Women.