Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman Props for Costumes

Wonder Woman Props for Costumes

After the latest release of the first Wonder Woman movie, it is bound to be the hottest costume this year.   Wonder Woman is the amazonian princess Diana Prince.  She is bound to inspire many women and little girls to show off their girl power.   Find below Wonder Woman props for your wonder woman costumes this year.  Here is a link to Wonder Woman costumes for adults.

Wonder Woman Props for Costumes

Wonder Woman Props – Boots

Wonder Woman Props for Costume - Boots


Ready to rock the world as Wonder Woman? We think the residents of Earth have gone long enough without the Amazing Amazonian watching their back and these boots are sure to have you back in the saddle in no time!

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Wonder Woman Props – Cape

Deluxe Wonder Woman Costume Cape


We’ll be honest… we’re not selling this cape to folks who just want to use it to keep warm. Or those who are simply interested in fashion. No, we’ve got one very specific customer in mind: Wonder Woman. You’re the only one who can wear it. In a deep red and with the signature double “W” on the back,

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Wonder Woman Wig

Wonder Woman Corset Props for Costume Wig


When you’re battling the mean streets of NYC, you don’t have time to worry about your hair. But when you’re battling monsters and evil villains, you REALLY don’t have time to worry about your hair.

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Wonder Woman Gold Cuffs

Halloween Wonder Woman Props for Costume GOld Cuffs


All women deserve a little flair. Even woman who are fighting the good fight. Especially those women. You should have a little flash. Something to catch the eye of everyone you pass by. You need something, like every woman does, to protect yourself against the weapons of men. You need these Red Star Gold Cuffs.

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Wonder Woman Gold Crown

Superhero Wonder Woman props for costume - gold crown


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Wonder Woman Shield

Deluxe Wonder Woman props for costume sheild


This Dawn of Justice Wonder Woman Shield perfectly recreates the look of the prop seen in Zack Snyder’s Batman v Superman. It’s made of plastic, so it probably won’t hold up to any sort of laser beam attacks, but it does have kind of intricate detailing and gold paint scheme that will have you looking ready to defeat the worst villains in the DC universe.

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