Deadpool Costume Props

Deadpool Costume Props Ryan Reynolds

Deadpool costume props complete your Deadpool look.  Below you can find Deadpool weapon set, boots, apron, sunglasses and overhead mask.   Don’t forget to insert your own sarcastic humor.   Here is also a link to a Cosplay deluxe adult Deadpool costume.

Deadpool Costume Props

Deadpool Costume Props – Apron

Deadpool Costume Props - Apron


Do you love the smell of 372,944 pancakes in the morning? Deadpool thinks that they smell like victory. Us? We think they smell like hot, delicious, syrupy breakfast. Of course, if you plan on enjoying the smell of that many pancakes in the morning, then you’re going to have to roll up your sleeves to do some good old fashioned superhero cooking like your pal.

Click here to get Deadpool Apron.

Deadpool Superhero Boots

Deadpool costume props - boots


When you are ready to hit the streets, skies, or even the dark depths of the deep sea as Deadpool, it’s obvious that you have to have your superpowers ready to go.  It’s also important that you have a pair of superhero red boots.

Click here to get Deadpool Superhero Boots.

Deadpool Weapon Kit

Deadpool Costume Props - Weapons


Deadpool Weapon Kit DOES come with some pretty cool and lethal toy weapons you can use to subdue your foes, along with a backpack with slots for each weapon. Deadly and portable? That sounds like your kind of accessory. Now go out and find that cheeseburger-there’s probably room in that backpack for it.

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Deadpool Sunglasses

Deadpool Costume Props Sunglasses


These Deadpool Sunglasses are shaped like the superhero’s head, so you can slip them on to look like Wade Wilson in an instant! They have 100% UV protection AND some cool tinted lenses, making for the ultimate superhero combo when selecting your eye gear.

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Deadpool Costume Props – Overhead Mask

Deadpool Costume Props - Overhead mask


Deadpool is one really conflicted guy. He likes being flashy, but he also likes being a ninja. He wants to stand out, but he doesn’t want his true identity known.

Click here to get the Deadpool Overhead Mask.