Deadpool Costume Ideas for Adults, Kids and Pets

Halloween Marvel Deadpool Costume Ideas for Adults, Kids and Pets

Who is deadpool? What is deadpool? Deadpool is a bet. Who is going to end up dead first! Deadpool always came back. He hung in a bar with badass superhereos and there was a pool on who would die next, the deadpool. Deadpool is also a Canadian superhero. Or at least played by a Canadian. That means he is a polite superhereo, sorry to kill you, he would say. Dressing up as deadpool means you are the anti super hero. You can have fun, be polite and be a super hero, be deadpool.  Have fun being bad, it’s great being the bad and quirky superhero.  Click here to see more Deadpool costumes.  Find Deadpool costume ideas for adults, kids and pets below.

Deadpool Costume Ideas

Premium Deadpool Costume for Adults

Premium Deadpool Costume for Adults


This officially licensed Deadpool costume comes with everything you need (aside from mutant powers) to become the Merc with a Mouth. The jumpsuit is bright red, which Deadpool uses to hide his wounds during a battle, but you can use to stand out at any convention or costume party. The black accents along the sides accurately recreate his look from the X-Force comic books. The gauntlets have black faux leather accents and the matching boot tops fit perfectly with any pair of black boot covers you might have. The belt even includes Deadpool’s symbol on the front. This costume also comes with 2 masks. One, which is Deadpool’s standard red and black mask, and the second mask, which recreates Deadpool’s scarred face. You can wear either one to feel like the deadly Marvel mutant.

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Marvel Deadpool Morph Costume

Marvel Deadpool Costume Morphsuit


Well, we don’t recommend engaging in any fights with supervillains in this Deadpool Morphsuit, but you will remain highly agile when you wear it. It has the classic red and black design, as seen in the X-Men and X-Factor comic books. The front even has printed pecs and ab muscles, so you can look like one buff mutant, even if you don’t want to make trips to the gym. It also has a printed utility belt around the waist, which makes you look prepared for any kind of throw down that you might encounter while wearing this costume.

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Women’s Deadpool Costume

Marvel Women's Deadpool Costume


he sleek jumpsuit has a form fitting look that’s easy to move in, but also conveys your break-the-rules kind of attitude when it comes to crime fighting.

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Deadpool Costume for Dogs

Marvel Deadpool Costume for Dogs


Make your super pup a superpowered pupper with this Deadpool Pet Costume.  The comfy coat will keep them warm and also give them the look of the crazy comic character, himself.  The coat is styled after the black and red armor of the regenerating menace and even includes two little swords that are going to flail all over whenever your pet runs around!

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Deadpool Costume for the Ladies

Marvel Deadpool Costume for the Ladies


This sweet suit tells the world that you’ve got some special skills, even if those skills are limited to reciting all of the hilarious one-liners. You’ll have a great time in the flexible suit, it’s easy to put on with a zipper at the back. The costume also comes with a hooded mask and soft, comfortable belt.

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Deluxe Deadpool Costume for Kids

Marvel Deluxe Deadpool Costume for Kids


This officially licensed costume set comes with everything your child needs to look like Deadpool. It comes with a costume top that fits like a normal, long-sleeved shirt. The chest and arms have fiberfill muscles to give your child a buff and tough look! The front also has printed muscles to continue this beefy look. The mask fits over your child’s face and comes with mesh in the eyes for vision.

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Deadpool Costume Boots

Marvel Deadpool Costume Boots


You’ve got to have a costume from head to toe and, today, we’re going to focus on the toes. Your costume is near perfect, but you need a little bit of that dazzle for your superfeet. Do so with these Adult Black Superhero Boots.

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Deadpool Weapon Kit

Marvel Deadpool Costume Weapon Kit


This Deadpool Weapon Kit DOES come with some pretty cool and lethal toy weapons you can use to subdue your foes, along with a backpack with slots for each weapon.

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Marvel Deadpool Tights

Marvel Deadpool Costume Tights


These are Marvel Deadpool Tights.  Keep your legs warm and look like Deadpool at the same time.

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Deadpool Weapon Set

Marvel Deadpool Weapon Set


As you can see, Deadpool has 2 swords that he sometimes uses if he thinks you are a worth opponent.  He is a little cocky so you might end up half dead or alive and missing a finger or two or a hand.  He doesn’t care, just as long as you’re not chasing him anymore but more often than not, he’ll kill you with these rubber swords.

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Deadpool Slippers

Marvel Deadpool Costume Slippers


No, Deadpool does not stop being Deadpool, not even to go to bed.  Deadpool probably wears his suit to bed too, so you should as well but keep your feet warm with these Deadpool slippers.

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Deadpool Utility Belt

Marvel Deadpool Costume Utility Belt


This handy belt serves multiple functions. First of all, it keeps your pants from falling down. That’s a very important feature, since you don’t want any strange mishaps happening when you’re Deadpooling it up. Second, it satisfies your need for Marvel themed apparel, since it has Deadpool’s signature symbol decorating the exterior. Just slip it through your belt loops, give it a little click, and then you’ll be ready for anything!

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Deadpool Ninja Weapon Set

Marvel Deadpool Ninja Weapon Set


Deadpool comes fully prepared with any weapon and every weapon that he can hide on his body.  All these weapon accessories can fit on your utility belt and you should keep them on you at all times.

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Deadpool Costume Mask

Marvel Deadpool Costume Mask


This Deadpool Adult Fabric Overhead Mask combines the stealthy nature of a ninja mask with flashy red colors. It has white mesh covering the eye holes and the iconic Deadpool design.

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