Gotham – Selina Kyle Costume for Girls

Gotham Selena Kyle Costume for Girls

Selina Kyle Costume idea based on the TV series Gotham.  Selina is a young orphaned street thief with a fascination with cats who witnessed the murder of Bruce Wayne’s parents. Selina Kyle was running over rooftops in Gotham before she saw something and lept off onto the sidewalk.  She’s nimble like a cat.  She quickly walk pasts a lady with groceries and steals a quart of milk.  She also passes a man and steals his wallet.  The man chased her and she climbed up a fire escape.  she climbs down and gives the milk to a stray cat.  She ran up the fire escape again when she saw the Wayne family walking into the alley.  A hooded and masked man walks up to the Wayne family and shoots Thomas and Martha Wayne.  She witnesses the murder of Bruce Wayne’s parents.  Below are ideas to dress up as Selina Kyle who obviously will grow up to become Catwoman.  See Catwoman adult costumes.

Selina Kyle Costume

Selina Kyle Costume Leather Jacket
Selina Kyle Costume Leather Jacket
Selina Kyle doesn’t have much but she seems to always be wearing a leather jacket.  Click here to get Selina Kyle’s leather jacket.
Selina Kyle Costume Leather Gloves
Selena Kyle Costume Leather Gloves
Be nimble as a cat and quiet as a mouse.  You will need gloves to protect your hands with all the climbing you will be doing.  Click here to get Selina Kyle leather gloves.
Selina Kyle Costume Leather boots
Selena Kyle Costume Leather boots
Protect your feet with leather boots.  Click here to get Selina Kyle’s leather boots.
Catwoman Selina Kyle Costume Goggles
Aviator Goggles
Selina always wears goggles on her head in Gotham.  Click here to get Selina Kyle’s Goggles.
Selina Kyle Costume Brown Curly Hair Wig
Brown Curly Wig
She has signature curls on the show Gotham.  Click here to get Selina brown curly hair.
Catgirl Selina Kyle Costume Mask
Cat Girl Mask
Click here to get the look like Catgirl.
Catwoman Selina Kyle’s Child Costume
Catwoman Child Costume
Click here to get childs Catwoman costume.
Selina Kyle Costume Spike Studded Necklace
Selena Kyle Costume Spike Studded Necklace
Look just like Catwoman when she was a kid.   Click here to get her spike studded necklace.