Police Costume – Sexy SWAT Costume for Adults

Sexy SWAT Costume for women adults

Sexy SWAT costume for women are all the rave due to the fact that TV series of police, CSI and S.W.A.T teams are on the rise.  There are SWAT TV shows such as Flashpoint and S.W.A.T..  Find sexy SWAT costumes for women.  A SWAT team is a group of highly trained police officers who deal with very dangerous criminals. SWAT is an acronym that means Special Weapons And Tactics.  The men couldn’t pull off the operation so it’s time the girls got their hands dirty.  You should have known this was a job for a woman.  Women are the toughest member of the SWAT team when you want to disarm any bad guys.   Show that you are the elite SWAT Commander and every unit needs to listen to what you say.

Sexy SWAT Costume for Women

Sexy SWAT Sniper Costume fo Women
Women's SWAT Sniper Costume
This special ops officer doesn’t negotiate.   Click here to get the SWAT Costume Sniper. Costume includes: strappy elastic cut out zipper front catsuit, belt, fingerless gloves, and matching hat.
Sassy Sexy SWAT Commander Uniform
Women's Sassy SWAT Costume
Special forces training means she knows when to use force.  Click here to get the sassy sexy SWAT uniform.  Costume includes: stretch mini dress with attached vest.
Sexy SWAT Team Member Costume
Women's SWAT Commander Costume
This SWAT team member is submissive and ready to serve and protect.  Click here to get the Sexy SWAT Team Member Costume.  Includes: Zipper front garter dress, belt, and police hat.
SWAT Team Officer Costume
Women's SWAT Costume
This Sexy team officer will free the suspect with her secret weapon.  Click here to get the SWAT Team officer Costume.
Sexy SWAT Costume Patrol
Women's Swat Police Costume
Set your ground rules and start patrolling tonight.  Click here to get the sexy SWAT costume for patrol.