Sexy Queen Cleopatra Costume for Adults

Sexy Queen Cleopatra Costume Halloween

Queen Cleopatra was known as just Cleopatra.  She was the last active pharaoh of Egypt.  She was shortly survived by her son that she had with Ceasar.  Her son’s name was Caesarion.  After her reign, Egypt became the established Roman Empire.   Queen Cleopatra was sexy, intelligent and alluring.  Two of the most powerful men in the ancient empire fell for Cleopatra – Julius Ceasar and Mark Antony.  Below are Queen Cleopatra costume for adults.  Some of them are white and flowing and others are sexy and will capture the looks of anyone you pass.  You can find other sexy Egyptian costumes here.

Sexy Queen Cleopatra Costumes

Sexy Cleopatra Costume for Adults
Women's Sexy Cleopatra Costume
Transform into the Golden Goddess of Egypt.  Click here to get the gold sexy Queen Cleopatra Costume.
Theatrical Quality Queen Cleopatra Costume
Women's Cleopatra Costume
Sexy lingerie style and professional costume.  Click here to get the theatrical quality Queen Cleopatra costume.
Deluxe Egyptian Queen Cleopatra Costumes
Women's Cleopatra Costume
Click here to get the deluxe Egyptian Queen Cleopatra Costume.
Women’s Cleopatra Goddess Costume
Womens Cleopatra Costume
Reign as the queen of the Nile in this Women’s Cleopatra Costume. Click here to get the Cleopatra Costume.
Queen Cleopatra Costume
Queen Cleopatra Adult Costume
Travel back in time to ancient Egypt.  Click here to get Queen Cleopatra Costume for adults.
Egyptian Queen of the Nile Costume
Women's Nile Goddess Costume
Click here to get the Royal Egyptian Goddess Costume for adults.  This is a Cleopatra style full length dress, hand embroidered collar with bead trim, attached cape and Egyptian Belt with trim
Queen Cleopatra Staff
Egyptian Staff
Click here to get the Egyptian Goddess Staff.
Queen Cleopatra Costumes Sandals
Women's Egyptian Sandals
Click here to get Womens’ Egyptian Sandals.
Gold Queen Cleopatra Crown
Gold Egyptian Crown
Look like an Egyptian Queen.  Click here to get a gold egyptian crown for your Egyptian Goddess costume.
Queen Cleopatra Stepped Layered Black Wig
Egyptian Stepped Layers Wig
Click here to get the egyptian stepped layered wig.
Egyptian Jewel Costume for Queen Cleopatra
Egyptian Jewel Costume
This Egyptian Jewel Costume is a great way to channel the Egyptian culture in the 21st century. Click here to get an egyptian jewel costume.
Egyptian Collar Necklace Costume Piece
Egyptian Collar Necklace
being a queen is one part attitude and one part style. And style, is all about the right accessories.  Click here to get an egyptian collar necklace.
Queen Cleopatra Costume Half Mask
Cleopatra Half Mask
Click here to get Cleopatra Half mask.  Features golden mask with accent linging and blue corduroy. The Egyptian headdress is attached at the brow and sides that flow to the shoulders.
Cleopatra Snake Armband
Snake Armband
Click here to get Cleopatra snake armband.  Gold-colored metal armband with cobra head and painted Egyptian designs. Lightweight. 3 1/2 inches tall to top of snake head.