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Queen Costumes for Girls and Tweens

Queen Costumes for Kids and Tweens

Every girl wants to dress up as royalty.  Either if it’s little girl princess costumes, or prince or kings and queens.  There are many different types of Queen’s to dress up as, as there are many in disney movies.  For example, there are Queen Elsa from Frozen, Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland, Queen Cersei from Game of Thrones, Evil Queen in Snow White, and other renassance queen costumes.  You can find princess costumes for girls here.  Below you can find many different options for Queen Costumes for girls and tweens.

Queen Costumes for Girls

Girls Queen Elsa Costume
Girls Snow Queen Costume
Your little girl will have all the frozen elements at her finger tips.  Click here to get a Queen Elsa Costume – from the movie Frozen.
Frozen Snow Queen Cape with Hood for Kids
Snow Queen Cape
Your little Queen needs to keep warm too.  Click here to get a Snow Queen cape that comes with a hood too.
Dancing Queen Lady Bug Costume
Tween Ladybug Queen Costume
Lady Bugs are the queen of the garden.  Click here to get a dancing Queen Lady Bug Costume for kids.
Queen of Hearts Costume for Children
Child Deluxe Queen of Hearts Costume
Alice Wonderland’s Queen of Hearts costume is full of hearts.  Click here to get the kids costume for the Queen of Hearts.
Child Renaissance Queen Costume
Child Renaissance Queen Costume
Fashion in the old days were very elegant.  Click here to get an elegant Queen costume for kids.
Queen Guinevere Costume
Child Queen Guinevere Costume
Lancelot and King Arthur both loved Guinevere.  King Arthur marries Guinevere and made her Queen.  Click here to get a kids costume for Queen Guinevere.
Star Wars Queen Amidala Costume for Kids
Child Queen Amidala Costume
Queen Amidala had to deal with her planet of Naboo being invaded by the Trade Federation’s battle droids and also trying out run evil forces trying to hunt her and her Jedi friends down. Click here to get the Star Wars Queen Costumes for girls.
Kids Queen Elsa Blue Dress
Child Fantasy Snow Queen Costume
Click here to get Queen Elsa’s blue dress for kids
Queen’s Treasure Chest
Pirate Treasure Chest of Gold
All Queens need a treasure chest full of gold.  Click here to get a treasure chest full of gold.