Harry Potter

Harry Potter Voldemort Costume Ideas

Harry Potter Voldemort Costume

He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, I can only be referring to one person or evil sorcerer of all time – Lord Voldemort from Harry Potter.  He does go by other names such as Lord Voldemort, The Dark Lord, You-Know-Who, Death Eater and many more.  He is the dark wizard in Harry Potter of house Slytherin.  He tries to kill Harry Potter many times and fails including when he’s a baby after he kills Harry’s parents.   Harry and his friends Hermione, Ron Weasley and his other friends help Harry Potter through his trials to defeat the monsters Voldemort creates to kill him.  Find Lord Voldemort costume ideas below.  Click here for more Harry Potter and his friends costumes.

Harry Potter Lord Voldemort Costume Ideas

Voldemort Costume

Harry Potter Lord Voldemort Costume


This two-piece costume will make you look the most famous villain in wizarding history. It’ll be easy to transform, you don’t even need to whip up any Horcruxes. It includes a black, polyester robe and a latex mask. The tan-colored mask has purple veins and blue, raised veins on the top of the head. It covers three-quarters of your face and has slits for eyes and nostrils. The floor-length robe slips on over the head and Velcros in the back for closure. The long sleeves flare out at the cuffs. A foam collar that sits half-way up the neck tops the costume.

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Harry Potter Voldemort Mask

Harry Potter Lord Voldemort Costume Mask


The simplest and best way to become “He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named” is to first become You-Who-Must-Not-Be-Seen. Meaning you should hide your real identity beneath this authentic latex mask that molded to look just like the Dark Lord from the Harry Potter series.

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Lord Voldemort’s Wand

Harry Potter Lord Voldemort Costume Wand


Feel like either the darkest wizard there ever was or the one who was destined to save us all when you hold Voldemort’s Wand in your hands.  A replica from the film, this hook-ended wand has the same bone/yew look that sent shivers down our spines.  Fortunately, the feeling of haunted spirits around it are all completely coincidental.   Complete your Harry Potter Lord Voldemort costume outfit with his wand.

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Lord Voldemort’s Hands

Harry Potter Lord Voldemort Costume Hands


His long fingernails are a not very healthy-looking dead purple color, and he has weird veins and unnaturally-colored hand skin…come on, man. You’re the most powerful dark wizard to walk the face of the Earth. Dumbledore is afraid of you–that’s saying something. The least you could do is cast a spell to give yourself some better and more capable looking hands. Oh well. As long as he’s obsessed with ridding the world of Harry Potter, he just probably doesn’t care that much about anything else. But maybe you’ll care, a lot, about finding these officially licensed Voldemort Hands to accompany your costume this year. Get working on your parseltongue! Complete your Harry Potter Lord Voldemort costume with his gnarly hands.

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