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Harry Potter Dobby Costume Ideas

Harry Potter Dobby Costume House Elf

Dobby is a little house elf in Harry Potter.  We see him in the movies doing various maintenance housework around the castle.  He was once the house-elf for the Malfoy’s and Hogwarts kitchen elf.  His best friends are Harry, Hermione, Ron Weasley and Dumbledore.  He became noticed when he helped Harry spy on Draco MalfoyDumbledore asked Dobby to help Harry from the Death Eaters and in the process fatally wounded.  Harry helped Dobby become a free elf and when Dobby died, Harry dug a grave for him and carved “HERE LIES DOBBY, A FREE ELF”.  Find the best Harry Potter Dobby costume ideas below.  Click here for more Harry Potter and friends costumes.

Harry Potter Dobby Costume Ideas

Harry Potter Dobby Mask

Harry Potter Dobby Costume - Mask


This is true! Dobby is one of the few house-elves in the series that can claim to be a ‘free elf’ and owes servitude to no one but those he would actually like to help. So grab this latex mask and slip into a pillowcase or some sort of toga and enjoy your freedom! You needn’t take orders from anyone, not even a wizard. As an elf, you are more powerful than most know! You don’t even need a wand to use your magic and you can easily put a Malfoy or any other mouthy wizard in their place.

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Harry Potter Dobby Hands

Harry Potter Dobby Costume - Mask hands


Now then, you’ll have to practice your groveling, and, of course, refer to yourself in the third person at all times. Oh, and you also might want to grab a pair of these Dobby Hands too! Nothing’s better in helping you sell the fact that you’re a helpful little elf than a pair of these realistic and officially licensed hands. You may also want to take some time to look at the other house elf accessories we have to complete your magical transformation. Then you just need to slip this pair of Dobby Hands on and get to work!

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Harry Potter Dobby Mask for Kids

Harry Potter Dobby Costume - Mask mask


You can get this Dobby Mask for your little Harry Potter fan, and they can be your own adorable little house elf! This licensed molded vinyl mask is highly detailed to look like the character does in the hit movies, and features Dobby’s wide-eyed expression, droopy ears, and wrinkled face. Your kid will have a blast pretending to be a mischievous elf and playing Harry Potter games with their friends, and you can add the matching Dobby Hands accessories and cut some holes in an old pillowcase for them to wear to complete their Dobby look!

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Dobby Costume for Toddlers

Harry Potter Dobby Costume for Toddlers


This licensed Harry Potter Dobby costume will make your little one the most lovable house elf the Wizarding World has ever met! After all, this is the little guy who tried to save Harry Potter’s life when no one else did. This costume’s jumpsuit has a super soft texture. The legs are attached to foot covers and hand covers. The fabric is a soft, pink, velvety texture. The hat has large ears, a plush nose, and large green eyes. The soft jumpsuit is hung with a rag cause and it comes with a sock cause Dobby simply isn’t free elf without his ensemble.

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