Harry Potter

Harry Potter Albus Dumbledore Costume Ideas

Harry Potter Albus Dumbledore Costume Ideas

Dumbledore is a fictional character in the JK Rowling series Harry Potter.  Harry Potter encounters Albus Dumbledore after he is enrolled into the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.  Dumbledore is a mentor to Harry Potter during his time there.  He’s a wise old man, powerful and epitome of goodness.  In the Harry Potter universe he’s about 150 years old, he also appears in the prequel of Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald.  Albus Dumbledore is from the Gryffindor House and headmaster at Hogwarts.  Click here to see more costume ideas for Harry Potter.  Find Harry Potter Dumbledore costume ideas below.

Harry Potter Dumbledore Costume Ideas

Deluxe Albus Dumbledore Costume for Adults

Harry Potter Deluxe Albus Dumbledore Costume for Adults


All you need is a can-do kind of attitude and this licensed Albus Dumbledore costume. The costume is a deluxe outfit that comes with everything you need to look like the master wizard. It comes with a light gray robe that has intricate detailing along the outer layer and along the sleeves. It comes with a matching hat, since no adept wizard look is complete without a fancy hat!

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Harry Potter Albus Dumbledore Costume Hat

Harry Potter Albus Dumbledore Costume Hat


Take the refined cap of the most famous wizard of all, the beloved Headmaster of Hogwarts, himself, Albus Dumbledore! This purple, gold, orange, and blue hat with vivid gold tassel will mark you as a grand center of attention at any gathering, especially one where numerous other hats might be involved.

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Harry Potter Dumbledore Wand

Harry Potter Dumbledore's Costume Wand


Molded from plastic, this wand is 15-inches long, approximately. Once 3 AAA batteries are inserted and the button is pressed, the wand makes realistic spellcasting sounds and the tip lights up. There are five different play modes on this officially licensed wand!

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Harry Potter Albus Dumbledore Wig

Harry Potter Albus Dumbledore Costume Wig


Dumbledore is an old wise man.  To look like him you will need long white hair and a long white beard.  It is said his beard is so long that it can be tucked into his belt.

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Dumbledore Robe

Harry Potter Dumbledore Costume Robe


This is a deluxe Dumbledore robe to look like the headmaster of Hogwarts himself.

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