Harry Potter

Harry Potter – Hermione Costumes

Harry Potter Hermione Costumes

Find the best ideas for Harry Potter Hermione costumes. Transform yourself or your kid into the magical wizard.  She was muggle born and when she turned 11 years old, she realized she was a witch and was accepted into the Howarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.  She was sorted into Gryffindor House, despite being considered for Ravenclaw.  Hermione is a very smart and gifted student.    Below are Hermione costume ideas.  Click here for more Harry Potter costumes.

Harry Potter – Hermione Costumes

Child Hermione Costume

Harry Potter Hermione Costumes


What would Harry and Ron even do without Hermione? Harry might be the brave chosen one and Ron might have a spot of goofy charm, but they couldn’t cook up a proper plan between the two of them if they tried! That’s why they need Hermione. She’s the brains of their little trio and without her, Harry never would’ve survived long enough to make it to the final battle against Voldemort and his Death Eater’s. Yes, she’s a true hero in the wizarding world and if your child has been longing to jump into the world of Harry Potter, then Hermione is the perfect character to cosplay as!

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Hermione Granger illuminating Wand

Harry Potter Hermione Illuminating Wand


“It’s wing-gar-dee-um levi-O-sa not wing-gar-dee-um levi-o-SA!” Seriously what would have Harry and Ron done without the help from the muggle-born witch? They probably would have been zapped to smithereens by Professor Quill in the Sorcerer’s Stone without Hermione’s guidance. She owes much of her success at Hogwart’s to her vine wood wand she got as a first year from Ollivander’s. Good news, you don’t have to jump aboard the Hogwarts Express to get Hermione’s wand because we’ll send you one but you must supply all the magical abilities.

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Deluxe Hermione Granger Costume

Harry Potter Deluxe Hermione Costumes


Deluxe Hermione Granger costume that includes a sweater, shirt front, skirt, tie and robe.  The robe has a patch embroidered with the Gryffindor coat of arms.

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Hermione Costumes for Women

Harry Potter Hermione Costumes for Women


Wear this women’s deluxe Hermione costume which looks exactly like the Gryffindor House uniform. (It features a pleated skirt, collared shirt, and button-up sweater and it also comes with a hooded robe.) Once you have on the authentic-looking costume, go up to the person that you’re not getting along with and start bombarding them with spells.

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Adult Hermione Costumes Wig

Harry Potter Hermione Costumes Wig


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Deluxe Gryffindor Robe

Hermione Costumes Gryffindor Robe


Hermione Granger is in the House Gryffindor.  Gryffindor is one of the houses of Hogwarts. The licensed Deluxe Gryffindor Robe for children is just like the ones worn by the real Hogwarts students who are part of this house. It features a long black robe with a hood, purple lining, and the Hogwarts crest. This is the house that Harry, Hermione, and Ron were members of. Now your child can join them and learn magic too.

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