Harry Potter

Harry Potter – Hagrid Costume

Harry Potter Hagrid Costume

Hagrid is the friendly giant in the movie Harry Potter.  He’s actually half human and half giant.  Hagrid is the gameskeeper and Keeper of Keys at Hogwarts where Harry Potter and his friends go to the school of wizardry.   Hagrid was there for Harry Potter from the very beginning. He was the one who dropped off the newly famous infant at the doorstep of the Dursley’s, wiping away tears from his oversized face as he got on his flying motorcycle to fly home.   Find Hagrid costume ideas to dress up for Halloween.  Click here to see more Harry Potter costume ideas.

Harry Potter  – Hagrid Costume Ideas

Deluxe Hagrid Costume

Deluxe Hagrid Costume Harry Potter


Rubeus Hagrid might look pretty scary, but looks are often deceiving! Take a look at oatmeal for instance. It looks like a horrid mess of inedible slop, but it actually hits the spot quite nicely in the morning. Yeah, that’s it! Hagrid is a little bit like oatmeal. He might not be the handsomest dish around, but he certainly is a mainstay at Hogwarts.

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Hagrid Wig and Beard

Hagrid costume wig and beard


Hagrid the gentle giant is lots of hair.  Don’t forget to accessorize with this wig and beard.  This will definitely complete your Hagrid costume look.  The wig and beard is made of synthetic hair and has an elastic lined mesh interior.

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