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Star Wars Force Awakens BB-8 Costume Ideas

BB-8 Costume Star Wars Force Awakens

BB-8 is droid character in Star Wars The Force Awakens.  He’s the droid that belongs to Dameron Poe who entrusts BB-8 with a map that must be delivered to the Resistance.  While BB-8 flees capture, it runs into Rey who then later meet up with Han Solo and Chewbacca.  They ultimately bring BB-8 to the Resistance to provide the map and finally in the end reunites BB-8 with Poe.  BB-8 is the best character in the Force Awakens, I just love him.  Below find BB-8 costume ideas for this Halloween.  Click here to see more Star Wars costume ideas.

Star Wars Force Awakens BB-8 Costume Ideas

BB-8 Costume Adult Dress

BB-8 costume dress Star Wars Force Awakens


This BB-8 adult dress is printed with details to match the dapper droid, like circular tool bay disks and a black photoreceptor. This garment also features a bubble-hem and a skirt lined with netting for extra volume. This helps to achieve a circular and roundish silhouette. The headpiece has an attached antennae and puts the last finishing touch on the interesting piece of apparel.

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Inflatable BB-8 Costume for Adults

Inflatable BB-8 Costume for Adults


The costume comes with an inflatable suit with an attached fan. Just turn the fan on and the suit will inflate to a plump, spherical shape like that of the iconic droid. The exterior of the suit has printed details, like orange accents and a printed black faux camera lens on the top. Now, we can’t recommend trying to roll around on the ground like the real BB-8, but you can scurry about and make beeping noises to help up your BB-8 game. Just make sure you get that secret map to the Resistance members before Kylo Ren gets his hands on you!

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Toddler BB-8 Costume

Star Wars Toddler BB-8 Costume


This toddler BB-8 costume comes straight from the movie! The romper fits easily on your child’s body and has the cute, roly poly look of the astromech droid from the movie. The cap imitates BB-8’s dome shaped head. Once your child has the complete look, he’ll be beeping with delight to join you on your many adventures across the galaxy! Just steer clear of Mos Eisley Cantina with your little guy in your entourage!

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Inflatable BB-8 Costume for Kids

Star Wars Force Awakens Inflatable BB-8 costume for kids


With an all over print of the droid’s signature paint scheme, an oversized dome head that has a view window, and arm holes to let the wearer trick-or-treat too, this inflatable costume will be ready for all kinds of action. The costume features a small built-in fan to keep it inflated, and is connected to a battery pack that clips onto the wearer’s belt or slips effortlessly into a pocket.

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Star Wars BB-8 Girls Dress

Star Wars BB-8 Girls Dress Costume


Whether you and your family are doing a Star Wars group costume or your daughter is a solo robot, she’ll love this simple bubble dress printed with the round robots recognizable details. When she puts on the matching antenna headband the look will be complete. She could even have some sound effects ready on a phone so she could communicate with BB-8’s adorable beeps and squeaks. Well, we’re glad it worked out, turns out you don’t have to work on those Paper Mache skills, after all, costumes this cool can just show up at your door.

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