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Dragon Ball Z Costumes for Kids

Dragon Ball Z Kids Costumes

Dragon Ball Z aka DBZ is a japanese anime show that follows the adventures of Goku and his Z warriors.  His team defends Earth against evil such as intergalactic warriors, andriods, magical creatures and more.  Dragon Ball Z follows Goku and later his son Gohan.  I’m sure whoever watched Dragon Ball Z would love to dress up as him and his fellow warriors.  Find Dragonball Z costumes for kids below.  Click here for more kids costumes.

Dragon Ball Z Costume for Kids


Dragon Ball Z Goku Costume

Dragon Ball Z Goku Costume


This officially licensed Dragon Ball Z costume for kids has a look straight from the anime series. It comes with the blue undershirt that Goku always wears, along with the bright orange top and matching pants. The front of the orange top has Goku’s symbol on the front (which loosely translates to the word “wisdom” in English). It also comes with a blue sash with an attached brown satchel for carrying Senzu beans! A pair of wrist cuffs and boot covers are also included to put the finishing polish to the iconic look.

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Goku Kids Wig

Dragon Ball Z Goku Kids Wig


Put this Child Goku wig on your kid, and start training him to be a master martial artist. Just whatever you do, do not let him look at the full moon while wearing this wig. We aren’t saying for sure that he will turn into a giant ape, and try to destroy everything, but we aren’t saying he won’t either. You always new your kid was unique, but with this wig he will be the hope for the universe. The answer to calls for peace

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Goku Super Saiyan Costume for Kids

Dragon Ball Z Goku Super Saiyan Costume for Kids


Goku may hold the distinction of being the most powerful fighter in the known universe, but that doesn’t mean he’s a vicious fighting machine. Despite being a Saiyan who thrives on battle and gaining power, Goku was raised as an Earthling, and often shows compassion and even mercy to his foes! And when he’s not engaged in battle, he’s a pretty cheerful and carefree dude. But while his gentler side may seem like a weakness to other Saiyans, it’s actually the source of unspeakable power! Intense levels of stress, coupled with his already impressive fighting ability, can cause Goku to transform into his Super Saiyan form; and once that happens, not even the monstrous Majin Buu stands a chance!

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Super Saiyan Wig for Kids

Dragon Ball Z Super Saiyan Wig for Kids


Normally that would mean extensive training in increased gravity, but since we can no longer lend you our Capsule Corporation Spaceship with the intense gravity simulation machine (there was an…awkward incident last Halloween and corporate really cracked down on our spaceship lending procedures), we guess that means your little fighter is going to have to go Super Saiyan with this licensed Goku wig, instead. Things could be a lot worse–this officially licensed wig is actually quite awesome! It has the classic pointy hairstyle of your kiddo’s favorite Dragon Ball Z anime character, and after a bit of styling, will prove the ultimate accessory to the full Goku ensemble. Legendary!

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Gohan’s Costume for Kids

Dragon Ball Z Gohan's Costume for Kids


Gohan is a pretty normal kid. He likes to do normal kid stuff, like play sports, help his mom out with chores and save the world from maniacal aliens who want to destroy the Earth. Okay, so maybe Gohan might not be all that normal, but being able to turn into a Super Saiyan before hitting 13 and being the first one to ever achieve Super Saiyan 2 beats being normal any day. All you need to get your child on the path to becoming a mighty warrior from Dragon Ball Z is his signature purple fighting gear and Piccolo to train him. We’ll help you out with his training gear, but you’ll have to track down a Namekian teacher for him on your own.

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Dragonball Z Gohan’s Wig for Kids

Dragon ball Z Gohan's Wig for Kids


Try slipping on this officially licensed DBZ Child Gohan Wig and watch his power grow! Make of synthetic fibers, the wig is sure to withstand even the most powerful of enemy attacks… though might require a little styling to get the spikes just perfect. Exceed 9000 in no time and get to summoning that dragon, already!

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Child Piccolo Costume

Dragon Ball Z Child Piccolo Costume


It will be easier than expected with this officially licensed Dragon Ball Z Child Piccolo costume. The purple jumpsuit has elastic in the legs and ankles and bright red cuffs at the end of its green sleeves. The cape ties at the neck and, fortunately, does not come equipped with the indomitable weight! The foam collar and cowl make for Piccolo’s own unique style and the matching turban ties on the head in the back. Now, just work on that power acquisition and you’ll be able to take down even the weird monster Bu!

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Dragon ball Z Piccolo Mask

Dragon ball Z Piccolo Mask


With a face like that, Piccolo probably has a hard time walking down the street without scaring small children. It’s not so much the fact that he’s green or that he has goblin ears or even the weird slug antenna poking out of his forehead. It has more to do with the fact that the Namekian fighter always seems to look angry, wearing a scowl on his face that could metal steel.

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Child Bulma Costume

Dragon Ball Z Child Bulma Costume


The yellow dress with front zipper and elastic belt is of the highest quality 100% polyester interlock knit and foam, the very same materials the Capsule Corporation used to craft Bulma’s real suit. The tan boot covers with black accents will be as sturdy and flattering on you as they were on Bulma herself. What will really set you apart from all the other Bulmas, however, is the turquoise wig with Bulma’s hair style from the Namek episodes. In this Dragon Ball Z Child Bulma Costume, you’ll be ready for anything!

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DBZ Bulma Wig

Dragon Ball Z DBZ Bulma Wig


Complete Bulma’s signature look with a blue wig.

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DBZ Child Vegeta Costume

Dragon Ball Z Child Vegeta Costume


With this complete Dragon Ball Z Child Vegeta Costume, your little warrior will feel as powerful as a super saiyan, and as confident as Vegeta in anything he does – and we all know he is very confident. And then, when the Androids, and Cell himself, start causing trouble down the block, your little protector of the Earth — or at least, the neighborhood — will not hesitate for a second to round up the crew once again before those robots really run amuck.

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Dragonball Z Vegeta Wig for Kids

Dragon ball Z Vegeta Wig for Kids


Make sure you’re adding the best wig you can to your child’s favorite Dragonball Z character. This officially licensed wig is made of synthetic fibers and built to last.

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Dragon Ball Z Saiyan Child Armor Accessories

Dragon Ball Z Saiyan Child Armor Accessories


This costume accessory recreates the armor worn by Frieza’s elite forces. It has the shining gold fabric in the front and on the shoulder pads, along with defined lines on the chest to provide a muscular appearance. Once your child has it on, he’ll be ready to do engage in epic battles, just like in the Dragon Ball Z anime series.

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Dragon Ball Z Child Trunks Costume

Dragon Ball Z Child Trunks Costume


This licensed Dragon Ball Z outfit successfully recreates Future Trunks’ uniform from the Perfect Cell Saga, complete with his blue jacket, baggy pants and foam boot covers. The costume set even comes with a purple wig, parted down the middle. Of course, you’ll be responsible for teaching him all of your secret techniques so he can defeat Cell in a matter of minutes, so you’d better start brushing up on your Galick Gun!

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