Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast Kids Belle Costumes

Beauty and the Beast kids costume

Beauty and the Beast with Emma Watson was a hit in the theatres.  Expect your kids and tweens to want to dress up like as Belle.  Below are some fashionable and elegant yellow and blue dresses to help your kids dress up like Emma Watson.  She will be a hit this Halloween.   Here is a link to adult Belle costumes.

Beauty and the Beast Kids Belle Costumes

Belle Costumes – Kids Yellow Dress with Wand

Beauty and the Beast Belle Costumes - yellow dress with wand


It’s no surprise that little girls love fairy tales, especially Beauty and the Beast. Not only does Belle get to live in a huge castle, but she also gets to hang out with a bunch of cool talking objects.

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Belle Costumes – Kids Classic Yellow Dress

Beauty and the Beast Belle Costumes - kids classic yellow dress


If your little one absolutely loves Beauty and the Beast, there is no better costume than this Belle Toddler Costume! It’s her lovely dress from the classic ballroom scene. It’s a tale as old as time, and she will love being a part of it in this licensed Disney costume.

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Belle Costumes – Tween Blue Dress

Beauty and the Beast tween Belle Costumes - blue dress


Belle really is a girl who brings together the best of both worlds. Not only is she a beautiful young woman, but she also enjoys broadening her horizons and strengthening her mind! That’s why she spends so much time studying books and learning, and we think that’s awesome.

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Belle Costumes – Kids Prestige Yellow Dress

Beauty and the Beast kids Belle Costumes - prestige yellow dress


Is Belle so appealing because of her sense of selflessness when rescuing her father, or her uncanny ability to charm even the big bad Beast? Or maybe it’s because she gets to live in a castle with a talking clock, candelabra, teapot, clock, and teacup? We don’t know about you but we would love having this magical group as our friends.

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Belle Costumes – Child Ball Gown Deluxe

Beauty and the Beast Belle Costumes - child deluxe ball gown


Click here to get the deluxe child’s Belle ball gown.

Belle Costumes – Princess Costume for Kids

Beauty and the Beast Belle Costumes - Princess for kids


There are also the gorgeous gowns you get to wear all the time—just like this Beautiful Princess Child Costume. This sparkly yellow dress comes with dainty capped sleeves, a pert gold belt around the waist, and a pretty glitter design on the front. Plus, the skirt has a hoop on the inside to keep its full shape. As soon as your little girl puts this Beautiful Princess Child Costume on, we promise she’ll be the belle of the ball!

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