Beauty and the Beast

Adult Beast Costumes – Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast Adult Beast Costumes

Find the best Beast costumes.  Beauty and the Beast was a great movie and will be one of the top costume picks this Halloween.  Winning the heart of Belle is easy if you would just listen to us! First of all, make sure that you keep your temper on the mellow. There’s nothing Belle dislikes more than a mean prince with a nasty temper! Second, be sure you use your best manners when having a meal with her. Mashing your face into the soup bowl might be okay around your servants or even the chef, but Belle might not find it as acceptable—let alone endearing. Third, make sure you know how to do some ballroom dancing.   Click here for adult Belle costume ideas.  Below are ideas for Adult Beast Costumes.

Beauty and the Beast – Beast Costumes

Adult Ultra Prestige Beast Costume

Beauty and the Beast - Ultra Prestige Beast Costumes


Beast Costume is a prestige outfit based on the Disney classic, Beauty and the Beast. With a lavish blue coat and gold accents, the top creates a look that should impress Belle—or any princess, for that matter! The molded mask recreates the Beast’s face from his cursed form with amazing realism. Be careful in this respect, because after all this work, the last thing you want is for her to start to believe you’re actually an animated character!

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Adult Beast Costumes

Adult Beast Costumes


This year you could be the cursed Beast. Doomed to wait for his beloved Belle. Put on this Adult Beast Costume, and take a more proactive approach to finding love than Beast in the Disney movie. Get out of your castle, and look for a someone who moves your heart. But do not just judge this woman on her appearance. Get to know her, maybe not by kidnapping her, and locking her up in your castle, but rather by going on nice dates together. Hopefully she will be the one to break the spell on you. Turning you back into the handsome prince you are. Beautiful on the inside, as well as the outside.

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Beast Costumes – Hairy Hands

Beauty and the Beast Costumes Hairy hands


Don’t forget the Beast hair hands to complete your beastly look.

  • Faux brown furn on top
  • Palms have soft material, faux leather pads to replicate paws
  • Black claws

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Beast Costume Boots

Beauty and the Beast Costume Boots


Even the Beast needs nice looking boots.  Put these on before you don your dancing shoes.

  • Made of all man made materials
  • 1” Heel
  • Brown knee high boots
  • Side zip entry
  • 2 faux buckles

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