Star Wars

Star Wars Rey Costume for Adults

Star Wars Force Awakens Rey Costume

Star Wars Force Awakens was an amazing movie.  You saw it right?  Didn’t Rey just rock the whole movie? She’s the new desert planet hero with the adorable and sassy droid companion in Star Wars. When she’s not crawling around massive downed Imperial Star Destroyers scavenging for parts, she’s piloting the Millennium Falcon and using her force powers to take on Kylo Ren.  Here is a link to more Star Wars costumes.  Below are some ideas for a Rey costume for adults and also a cute little BB-8 costume for a kid.

Star Wars Force Awakens Rey Costume

Grand Heritage Adult Rey Costume

Star Wars Force Awakens Grand Heritage Rey Costume


This licensed Star Wars costume comes from Episode VII and it makes sure that you have the look of a scavenger that’s ready for adventure at a moment’s notice. It’s a Grand Heritage edition Rey costume, so it goes to great lengths to recreate her look as seen in the movie, complete with a tunic top and matching pants. It also comes with the headpiece similar to the one in the movie, so you too can look at home on the deserts of Jakku.

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Adult Deluxe Rey Costume

Deluxe Rey Costume Star Wars Adult


When you go in this officially licensed costume, we’re guessing that you’re going to be able to do some pretty fantastic and heroic things while wearing it like fighting Kylo Ren or just taking the time to save the neighbor’s kitten from a tree. Totally up to you! And since you’ve probably already left Jakku behind you won’t need eye protection from the sun and sand but if you want the full look don’t forget to grab the Rey eye mask with a hood to complete the costume look.

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Star Wars Rey Costume Eye Mask with Hood

Star Wars Rey Costume Eye Mask with Hood


You can gear yourself up with this officially licensed Star Wars: The Force Awakens Adult Rey Eye Mask with Hood. This accessory hood is the perfect complement for the rest of your Star Wars costume. This knitted hood fastens with Velcro in the back and gives you enough fabric to feel free while also keeping clean from random gusts of sand.

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Rey’s Staff

Force Awakens Rey's Staff Weapon


Who could forget the elegant and mystical Jedi lightsaber, or the intimidating and lethal… stick? Oh wait, this isn’t any old stick, it’s Rey’s Staff from Star Wars The Force Awakens! She built this quarterstaff weapon out of salvaged parts from the starship graveyard on Jakku.

Click here to get Rey’s Staff Weapon.

BB8 – Rey’s Companion

Rey's Companion - BB8 costume for kids


Click here to get kids BB8 costume.

Rey Costume – Lightsaber

Star Wars Rey Costume Lightsaber


Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber was calling Rey in the movie Force Awakens.  Wield it for yourself when you dress up as Rey for Halloween.  You can fight the dark ones and take down Kylo Ren.

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