Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones Weapon Props for your Costumes

Game of Thrones Battle Dothraki Weapon

Game of Thrones is over but the costumes are still epic.  You can totally transform into a Dragon Queen, Queen of the Seven Kingdoms, King of the Seven Kingdoms, Night King, King of the North, Warden of the North or anything you want when you dress up in any Game of Thrones costume.   When you dress up in a Game of Thrones costume, remember to accessorize your outfit with the appropriate weaponry.   Find Arya Stark, Jamie Lannister, Brienne of Tarth, Khal Drogo, the Dothraki, White Walker weapon accessories and more.   With all the battle scenes in Season 8 including the battle with the White Walkers and Battle at Winterfell, you’ll need to accessorize yourself with these weapons.  With Find Game of Thrones weapon accessories to pair with your costumes below.  Click here to see more GOT costumes.

Game of Thrones Weapons for Costumes

Gendry’s Warhammer

Game of Thrones Weapon - Gendry's Warhammer


This Game of Thrones Gendry Foam Warhammer is officially licensed by HBO. Styled to look just like the prop featured on the hit show, it will be the perfect way to complete your Game of Thrones costume. Painted foam features show off the perfect amount of detail, right down to the stag horns on the head. It measures 37 3/4 inches long, and is an exact replica from the show.

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Ned Stark’s Ice Sword

Game of Thrones Weapon - Ned Stark's Ice Sword


It looks just like the one wielded by Ned Stark and it even comes with a collector’s box. It might not be able to slice a White Walker in two, since it’s made out of foam and not Valyrian steel.

Click here to get Game of Thrones Weapon Ned Stark Ice Sword.

Arya’s Needle Sword with Collector’s Box

Game of Thrones Weapon - Arya's Needle Sword with Collector's Box


Whether you’re dressing as Arya Stark this Halloween or collecting all of these Game of Throne swords you’ll need the ever-handy needle. It’ll be there when you need it most, defending you from your ever-building list of enemies. With the metallic finish and sturdy handle, you’ll look ready to get revenge for the Stark family. The world better watch out. A girl is Arya Winterfell, and she is going home. The long and violent way. 

Click here to get the Game of Thrones Weapon Arya Stark Needle Sword.

Jon Snow’s Longclaw Sword

Game of Thrones Weapon - Jon Snow's Longclaw Sword


Jon Snow is using Longclaw to kill White Walkers. Turns out the spells forged into Valyrian steel works real good for that! So, it goes without saying, if you’re suiting up in a Jon Snow costume, you’re going to need a replica Longclaw. And this sword is just the one for you! Game of Thrones and HBO officially licensed, this detailed foam sword comes with a collector’s box, and it features all the details from the show right down to the wolf on the hilt.

Click here to get the Game of Thrones Weapon Jon Snow Longclaw.

Brienne of Tarth’s Oathkeeper Sword

Game of Thrones Weapon - Brienne of Tarth Oathkeeper


So if you’re planning on suiting up in a Brienne costume this year, we are happy to announce that there’s a really sweet way you can get Oathkeeper into your scabbard. This prop Game of Thrones sword! This molded foam sword will look sweet with your authentic Brienne costume, and it’s even got all the signature details from the show, right down to the luxe Lannister lion hilt.

Click here to get Game of Thrones Weapon Brienne of Tarth Oathkeeper Sword.

Soldier’s Sword

Game of Thrones Weapon - Soldier Sword


You need to be equipped with a weapon with all the battles happening in GOT Season 8.  The Battle of Winterfell and Battle with the White Walkers will require an army of soldiers and weapons.

Click here to get Game of Thrones weapon soldier sword.

White Walker’s Sword

Game of Thrones Weapon - White Walker's Sword


This is a Game of Thrones White Walker Sword.  You need to complete your outfit with this White Walker sword.

Click here to get GOT Weapon White Walker sword.

Joffrey Baratheon Widow’s Wail

Game of Thrones Weapon - Joffrey Baratheon Widow's Wail Sword


Based on the sword wielded by Joffrey Baratheon and Jaime Lannister, this Game of Thrones Widow’s Wail sword is a detailed foam replica of the iconic sword from the series. It’s not made of Valyrian steel, but out of a soft, yet durable foam material. That means it’s safe to bring to cosplay conventions, even though it won’t be able to put the finishing blow on a White Walker.

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Jamie Lannister Valarian Steel Sword with a Collector’s Box

Game of Thrones Weapon - Jamie Lannister's Sword


Sure, he’s been painted as a villain in the past, with even his own family getting on his case on the regular but there’s more to him than meets the eye. After all, a man that can handle a sword after having his hand replaced with a gold one has to be tougher than his golden haired looks hint at. You’ll find this light weight foam sword to your liking. Don’t be fooled by the intricately molded handle and aged Valyrian steel facade. It might look heavy but It’s comfortable enough that you can easily take on your foes one handed!

Click here to get the GOT weapon for Jamie Lannister.

Deluxe Battle Sword

Game of Thrones Weapon - Battle Sword


Complete your soldier’s uniform with a battle sword.  You could be fighting for the Queen of the Seven Kingdoms or the Dragon Queen, you need to have a weapon to protect and conquer.  Hope you are on the winners side.

Click here to get the GOT weapon battle sword.

GOT Wooden Bow

Game of Thrones Weapon - Wooden Bow


One of Arya’s favourite weapon is the bow and arrow.  She is pretty good and better than her brothers with the bow.  Get practicing so you can take down those White Walkers.

Click here to get Game of Thrones weapon – wooden bow.

Dothraki’s Arakh

Game of Thrones Weapon - Dothraki's Arakh


This Game of Thrones Khal Drogo Arakh toy weapon perfectly replicates the Khal’s signature weapon. Of course, this version is made of foam, so you won’t be vanquishing any enemies with it, but you can get piece of mind knowing that it’s much, MUCH safer. It makes for the perfect addition to your Game of Thrones cosplay, but you can also use it as a nice display piece for your collection!

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