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Night King Costume – Game of Thrones White Walker Mask

Halloween Costumes Night King Game of Thrones

The Night King is a fictional character in the series Game of Thrones.  The White walkers are creatures that died and raised back to life by the night king.   At the massacre of Hardhome, Jon Snow faces the Night King and battles with the White walkers.  There is a massive and intense battle that you definitely need to watch or read on the Game of Thrones.  I won’t describe the battle, but it was an unforgettable episode.  I’m glad Jon Snow got away.  The Night King and White Walkers just give me shivers.  Click to see more Game of Thrones costumes.  Below are White Walker and Night King costume ideas and props to help you look like them.

Night King Costume

White Walker Costume Mask
night king costume Game of Thrones White Walker King Mask
Be the leader of the white walkers.  Click here to get an authentic White Walker mask.
Night King White Walker Mask
night king costume Halloween Costume Night King White Walker Mask
This mask will make you look like the Night King white walker from Game of Thrones.  Click here to get the night king white walker mask.
White Walker Body Armor

night king costume body armor suit Game of Thrones

Wear the night king mask but you need to protect yourself during the battle of Hardhome.  This is a perfect battle suit to wear along with your white walker mask. Click here to get night king body armor suit.

Night King Spear
night king costume white walker spear game of thrones
Complete your Night king look with your own weapon.  The night king was seen in the Game of Thrones using a spear.  Click here to get the night king white walker spear.
Night King Cosplay Black Cloak

Game of Thrones Night King Javelin Costume - Black Cloak


The Night King is seen often on the top of the hill overlooking the white walkers on an undead horse.  He’s always wearing a black cloak suit.  This is a replica of that.  You can really look authentic in this outfit.

Click here to get the Night King Black Cloak Cosplay.