Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones – White Walker Costume for Adults

Game of Thrones Best White Walker Costume for Halloween

White Walkers are the scary, mythical creatures in the HBO series Game of Thrones.  The book is written by George R. R. Martin.   The winter in the Seven Kingdoms is long and dark, so everyone is scared of the winter.  In the winter and darkness, the White Walkers descend upon the land of Westeros and kills all in their path.  The dead are reanimated and become the wights to kill the living and are controlled by the White Walkers.  We see at the beginning, Caster sacrificing his sons to the White Walkers in exchange for safety for him and his daughter-wives.  The White Walkers have wispy white hair and shocking blue eyes.     Click to see more Game of Thrones costumes.  Below are White Walker costume ideas and props to help you look like them.

White Walker Costume & Prop Ideas

White Walker Costume Mask
Game of Thrones White Walker King Mask
Be the leader of the white walkers.  Click here to get an authentic White Walker mask.
White Walker Spear
White Walker Costume Spear
Battle the living and reanimate the dead.  Click here to get the White Walker’s spear.
White Walker Costume Zombie Body Suit
White walker costume body suit
Dress up in a zombie skeleton body suit.  Click here to get the body suit to look like a White Walker.
White Walker’s Dead Zombie Horse
White Walker Costume Dead Horse
Ride to attack the living. Click here to get the White Walker’s dead zombie horse.
White Walker Costume Nails
White Walker Costume Nails Halloween
White Walker’s nails must look gross.  Click here to get zombie looking White Walker nails.
Night King White Walker Mask
Halloween Costume Night King White Walker Mask
This mask will make you look like the Night King white walker from Game of Thrones.  Click here to get the white walker mask.