Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones – Cersei Costume for Adults

GOT Cersei Costume for Adults

Cersei is a fictional character in the Game of Thrones.  She’s the daughter of Tywin Lannister and twin sister of Jamie Lannister.  Cersei also has a younger brother Tyrion Lannister.  She married Robert Baratheon and became Queen of the 7 Kingdoms.  Her son, Joffrey Baratheon became King after his “father” died and then Tommen  shortly became King until his untimely death.  Cersei then took over and became King/Queen of the 7 Kingdoms.  Below are Cersei Costume ideas for adults.  You too can dress up to be the King/Queen of the 7 Kingdoms.  Click here for more GOT costumes.

GOT – Cersei Costume Ideas

Cersei Queen Costume

GOT Cersei Queen Costume


Cersei must look grand all the time.  She’s nobility and everyone around her watches what she wears and does.  This Queen costume will give you the traditional look of a revered monarch.

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Cersei Costume with MORE gold

GOT Cersei Costume with MORE gold


Bow to the Queen! It’s been a long journey for Cersei to the throne room, so it’s time to sit back and enjoy all you’ve accomplished during your time in the capital. You might not have all of the royal family left to help you out, but by this point, all you have to do is rule, and we’re sure that you’ve got it covered. Just make sure you look the part. With this red and gold dress, all will respect your power, and your style

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Cersei Black Costume Dress

Game of Thrones Cersei Black Costume Dress


While you are plotting to take back the 7 kingdoms and destroy the Mother of Dragons, you have to still look regal.  Wear the elegant black Queen dress and try not to kill your twin brother or unleash the Mountain on him.

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Cersei Costume Crown

Game of Thrones Cersei Costume Crown


If you are King of the 7 Kingdoms, you must have the crown.  Wear the crown with pride and sit on your royal throne.

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