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Complete Harley Quinn Costume

Complete Harley Quinn Costume Idea

Harley Quinn was made popular by the movie Suicide Squad.  I already have a post of Harley Quinn costumes but those costumes are from the more traditional look of Harley.  In the movie Suicide Squad, she dons a more risque wardrobe and really warrant’s another post.  If you don’t know who Harley is, she’s the on and off love interest and accomplice of the Joker from Batman.  She helps him escape a couple times from the psych ward where she herself works as a psychiatrist.  She falls in love with the Joker while he is one of her patients.  She herself has some amazing super powers too.  See below for some ideas of how to dress up as Harley either for adults or for teens.

Harley Quinn Costume Ideas

Harley Quinn Signature Outfit

Harley Quinn Costume Ideas Signature Outfit


This deluxe Suicide Squad costume comes straight from the 2016 movie and it recreates Margot Robbie’s signature outfit that she wore while pounding goons to a muddy pulp!

Click here to get the Harley Quinn Signature Outfit.

Harley Signature Outfit includes:

  • Shorts & top: 100% polyester;
  • tights: 85% nylon
  • 15% spandex
  • Pullover top is a satin jacket w/ sewn-in shirt-front
  • Sequined shorts have elastic waist
  • Printed belt fastens w/ Velcro
  • Fishnet tights have elastic waist
  • Wig and shoes shown in photo are each sold separately
  • Officially licensed
  • Crazy sold separately.
Harley Quinn’s Blonde, red and blue wig

Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Wig


This wig is designed to look like Harley Quinn’s hair in the Suicide Squad. One pigtail is red and the other is blue. Click here to get the Harley Quinn’s signature wig.

Harley Quinn shoes

Harley Quinn costume shoes


Harley Quinn signature costume does not include shoes, so remember to pick up some cool black and white ref shoes to complete your costume.  Click here to get the Harley’s shoes.

Harley Quinn’s Heels

harlequin heels halloween costume


As if being a sexy harlequin clown wasn’t good enough, you also have the option of wearing this pair of fabulous heels to complete your look. These heels are 4 1/2 inches high. Click here to get the Harley Quinn’s sexy heels.

Harley’s Bat

Suicide Squad Harley Quinn's Bat Costume


This inflatable bat is officially licensed by Warner Brothers and DC Comics, and has the signature style of the smash summer hit. Detailed printed graphics look just like the bat Ms. Robbie swung around while she was searching for jewels and faces to bash when she was playing Harley, and now you can have the same on-screen style to complete your authentic costume. Click here to get the Harley Quinn inflatable bat.

Harley Quinn Jewelry Set

Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Jewelry Set


Harley’s jewelry set includes a gold “puddin” choker which uses Velcro to fasten around the neck and a pair of spiky gold cuff bracelets. Click here to get the Harley Quinn’s jewelry set.