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Star Wars – Kids C-3PO Costume Ideas

Star Wars Force Awakens C-3PO Costume for Kids

C-3PO is a fictional character in Star Wars.   C-3PO is a protocol droid and fluent in 700 different forms of communication.  His sidekick is R2D2 who are the 2 characters to appear in every Star Wars movie. In the Force Awakens, C-3PO and R2D2 was with General Leia Organa, except R2D2 is in some sort of shutdown low power mode.  C-3PO is the first to greet Han Solo when he arrives in the Millennium Falcon with Rey, Finn and Chewbacca.  C-3PO is really the comic relief because he says “It’s me C-3PO, you might not recognize me because of my red arm”.  He gets along with BB-8 and totally understands what all his beeps mean.  BB-8 is seen trying to say Hello to R2D2 but doesn’t get any response. Below are some C-3PO costume ideas for kids, and toddlers.

Star Wars C-3PO Costume Ideas

Star Wars Child Deluxe C-3PO costume

Star Wars C-3PO Costume for Kids


This deluxe costume turns your kid into the bright gold character from the Star Wars movies. With printed features to recreate his look from the original trilogy, the kid’s outfit should have no problem giving your child the iconic look. The costume even has a hood that has C-3PO’s features right on the top of it.

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Toddler Deluxe C-3PO costume

Star Wars C-3PO Costume for Kids


This C-3PO costume is a deluxe toddler costume to help you have a protocol droid of your own! The costume has a shiny gold exterior to help give your kid the look of C-3PO, while the soft, foam hood has Threepio’s head designed right into it! Once your child puts them both on, he should have no problem acting like a droid.

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Star Wars Child C-3PO Costume

Star Wars C-3PO Costume for Kids


This droid costume allows your young child to assume the role of the legendary golden droid introduced in Star Wars: A New Hope. It comes with a jumpsuit designed to look like his metallic body.  The gold colored exterior has plenty of printed details. The foot covers fit over your child’s shoes to continue the look. The final piece to this outfit is the molded mask, which has all of C-3PO’s features shaped directly into the mask.

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Star Wars C-3PO Girl’s Dress

Star Wars C-3PO Costume for Kids Dress


Styled as a dress, arm warmers, and hood combination, she’ll have the protocol droid style to make a Star Wars fashion statement. The midsection has sequin details to look like robot wiring, and the dress has an attached glitter tulle pettiskirt. With printed character eyes on the hood, she’ll be ready to get into character.

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Star Wars C-3PO Red Arm Glove

Star Wars C-3PO Costume Red Gloves


C-3PO is seen in The Force Awakens with a red arm.  If you want to dress like him from that movie, make sure you get a red arm glove.

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