Captain America

Adult Captain America Costume for Men and Women

Superheroes Captain America Adult Costume

Captain America is a fictional character in the Marvel comics.  He appears in many Avenger movies and also Captain America and Captain America The Winter Soldier movies.   Captain America’s alter ego is Steve Rogers.  He was a scrawny boy that wanted to join the army but never got enlisted because of his small stature.  He was a frail young man until the he participated in a US government experiment to enhance his powers and physique to perfection.  It worked and he emerged Captain America.  While on a mission, near the end of the war, he was trapped in ice and survived in suspended animation until he was revived in the present day.  It’s sad because he searched and found his lady love before he was trapped in ice and she was an old lady.  Anyways, you can save America as well.  Below are adult Captain America costume ideas.   Click here for more Captain America costumes for adults and kids.

Adult Captain America Costumes

Adult Captain America Costume for Women

Adult Captain America Costume - Women


This officially licensed costume is designed to look like Cap’s outfit from the movies, except it comes in a fit for women. The full-body jumpsuit has quilted foam padding to give it a slightly armored look and it fits in back with a zipper. Plenty of printed details give it a star-spangled look and the included belt really gives you a locked and loaded style!

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Deluxe Adult Captain America Costume

Adult Captain America costume - deluxe


This Civil War Captain America costume garbs you up like the Marvel superhero. The costume is packed full of details from the movie, including stitched-in armor with fiberfill stuffing to give you a muscular look. You might even intimidate Iron Man when you show up to the battle. Just make sure to pair it up with one of our Cap shields, since you’re going to need one if you want to protect the Avengers from the Sokovia Accords.

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Cosplay Adult Captain America Costume

Adult Captain America costume - cosplay


This is a Captain America Grand Heritage Men’s Costume.

  • Captain America Grand Heritage Men’s Costume
  • 80% polyester, 20% spandex fabric; 100% polyurethane faux leather
  • Back zipper; legs have stirrups
  • Appliqued stripes & star
  • Functional pockets on thighs
  • Belt has metal buckle
  • 6 faux leather pouches slide onto belt, fasten w/ metal snaps
  • Faux leather shoulder harness has plastic parachute buckles
  • Molded vinyl helmet/mask
  • Fabric gloves have wide cuffs
  • Faux leather boot tops have back zipper, elastic bands under foot
  • 24″ diameter plastic shield has elastic arm straps on back

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Captain America Kids Civil War Shield
Captain America Kids Costume - Civil War Shield

This Captain America: Civil War Shield may not be made of any vibranium alloys (sorry, it’s plastic), but it does recreate Steve’s signature shield from the movie. With a red and silver metallic paint job, this thing is a full 24” of movie accurate goodness. Pair it up with your superhero costume and you’re guaranteed a look that looks ready to rumble against Iron Man and his crew.

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