PokemonGo – Pokemon Costumes for Kids

Pokemongo Pokemon Costumes for Kids

Pokemon Go is all the new rage around the world.  Nintendo has captured the world by storm after last weeks’ release of Pokemon Go.  Niantic, the creator of Pokemon has worldwide recognition now if Pokemon.  It’s augmented reality game takes people out of their homes and onto the streets on hunts for Pokemon’s.  You visit Poke stops and battle in Poke gyms.  This is a very addictive game!  I love it, so do adults and kids alike.  Now kids are asking to get Pokemon for presents.  It’s a given that all the kids will want to be a Pokemon for Halloween.  Here are some ideas for Pokemon costumes for kids this year.  You gotta catch them all!  Pika Pika!

Pokemon Costumes for Kids

Deluxe Pikachu Kids Costume
Kid's Deluxe Pikachu Costume
Costume includes a jumpsuit and hat.  Click here to get the deluxe pikachu costume for kids.
Girl Pikachu Pokemon Costume
Girls Pikachu Hoodie Dress
Costume includes a hooded dress with attached tail and a belt. Click here to get a girl’s Pikachu Pokemon costume.
Pokemon Pikachu Kit
Pokemon Pikachu Kit
Kit includes a tail and headpiece.  Click here to get the Pikachu Pokemon kit.
Pokemon Costume Sunglasses
Pokemon Sunglasses
What better way to catch a pokemon then to look like one.  This has smoky lenses that provide UV protection.  Click here to get the Pikachu sunglasses.
Pokemon Poke Ball Belt
Pokemon Clip n' Carry Poke Ball Belt
You need to wear a poke belt to carry all your poke balls to catch the Pokemon’s.  Includes a belt, 2 balls and Pikachu figures.  Click here to get Pokemon Costume poke belt.
Kids Ash Pokemon Costume
Child Deluxe Ash Costume
Ash runs around and catches all the Pokemon’s.  If your kid wants to catch them he better dress up like Ash to get better results.  Click here to get the a deluxe Ash Pokemon costume that includes a shirt, pants, fingerless gloves and a hat.