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Best Minion Women's Costumes 2015

Minions are these cute adorable creatures from the movie Despicable Me and Minion 2015 coming out this year.  They evolved from single-celled yellow organisms and Minions live to serve.    The most popular minions are Stuat, Kevin and Bob.  They are always seen wearing blue overalls and wearing some sort of glasses.    These minion costumes will definitely be the hottest thing this year.  Don’t miss out on these Halloween costumes.  You can dress up the whole family. I found these costumes and some show boys, but they are totally unisex and works for both girls and boys.  Below are some ideas for minion costumes adult women and men.  Click here for more minion costumes.

Minion Costumes Adult Size
Women's Despicable Me Costume
Join the team with this blue denim dress with shoulder straps and keenly printed stitching. Jersey knit gloves and matching black knee socks make up the rest of the base outfit… but the shining silver plastic goggles and their elastic band mark you as the chief minion!Click here to get Girl Minion Costume
Minion Costumes Adult Dave
Adult Minion Dave Costume
The foam tunic has a Minion’s face and overalls printed on. Just add a can-do attitude, a bunch of bananas, and some fun! You’ll be the perfect Minion for the job.
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Minion Costumes – Adult Bob
Despicable Me Minion Costumes Adult

You get the overalls, you get the gloves, you get the goggles and even a yellow skull cap to complete the look. The rest is up to you. What is the essence of minion? That’s the key to this thing. A minion isn’t just a yellow guy in overalls. A minion is something more. You’ve got to commit!

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 Minion Costumes Adult Jumpsuit
Despicable Me Minion Costumes Adult

This Minion jumpsuit comes turns you into the iconic characters from Despicable Me! It’s made of a soft material, so it’s comfy to wear even when you’re attempting to handle one of Dr. Nefario’s deadly inventions. It zips up in front for easy fitting and the attached hood has big Minion eyes on top.

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Minion Costumes Adult Women
Minion Costumes Adult Female

This Minion costume is officially licensed and comes with everything you need to recreate their hilarious look for Halloween. The long sleeve dress fastens with Velcro in the back for a comfortable fit and easy on and off. It is styled to look like denim overalls with a yellow shirt underneath for that classic Minion appeal. This costume also comes with wrist-length gloves and semi-sheer socks for added detail that you won’t find anywhere else. To top it all off, the costume comes with molded vinyl goggles that have an elastic bad around the back for a secure fit.

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Plus Size Minion Costumes Adult Bob
Minion Costumes Adult Dave

We believe that Bob is the best minion EVER. He heroically volunteers himself to go out into the world and find the best villainous boss, plus he becomes King! Who could forget how cute Bob looked with a crown on his head? The moment when he drops the microphone is priceless.

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