Despicable Me/Minions

Minion Costume Necessities – Minion Goggles, Makeup

Minion Costume Props

What are those yellow small alien things with goggles and wear overalls called?  Minions! Minions is coming out with a new movie in 2015.    This movie follows the movie that came out in 2010 called Despicable Me.    McDonalds’ started including them in their Happy Meal and it’s all over the news that the Minions are swearing.  These are toys for kids.  Here’s a link to Yahoo News and you can watch the video of the Minion clearly swearing.  A McDonald’s rep is reported to say that the minions are speaking minionese.  Have a look and can you hear the minions swearing?    Anyways, if you want to dress up like a minion and don’t want to buy a costume, you just pick up the props instead.  Below are a couple links to props you may want to get if you want to dress up like a Minion.  Click here for more Minion costume necessities ideas.

Minion Costume Necessities – Goggles
Minion Costume Necessities - Goggles
Click here to get Minion goggles
Yellow Color Makeup
Minion Costume Necessities - Yellow Color Cup Make-Up
Click here to get Minion Costume Necessities – Yellow Color Makeup
Yellow Face Makeup
Yellow Fantasy FX Makeup
Click here to get Minion Necessities Yellow Face Makeup
Despicable Me Minion Backpack
Minion Costume Necessities - Despicable Me 2 Jerry Plush Backpack
Click here to getMinion Necessities  Despicable Me Minion Backpack