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Walking Dead Adult Zombie Masks

Walking Dead Zombie Masks for Adults Undead Walkers

Zombies are very popular costumes for Halloween due to the hit TV series The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead.  You can find scary undead costumes.  Even if they die, they come back to life.  Don’t forget the ones that die of natural causes, they come back to life too.  Walking Dead Zombies and Fear the Walking Dead Zombies must be killed through the head before they completely die.  Rotting flesh and ragged clothing has never been a fashion statement but when it comes to costumes, the zombie look is the biggest trend for Halloween.  Find the best Walking Dead Zombie masks for adults.

Walking Dead Zombie Masks

Walking Dead Zombie Charred Mask
Walking Dead Charred Walker Mask
In Season Four of the Walking Dead after running into Morgan, the trio begin to leave their hometown, unable to convince Morgan to join their group. While leaving, the three spot a body of charred walkers, with Morgan adding more to the pile and setting fire to the now deceased dead.  Click here to get the charred Zombie masks for men.
Walking Dead Zombie Deer Costume
Walking Dead Deer Walker Mask
You’ll never stand a chance against Daryl but you can become one of the most famous zombies from the hit tv series! Click here to get the Walking Dead Zombie Masks.
The Walking Dead Zombie Dreaded One
The Dreaded One Mask
Grinning death head smile with starry-eyed zombie look and real dreadlocks.  Full over the head latex mask, individually hand painted.  Click here to get the dreaded One Zombie masks.
The Walking Dead Zombie Suit walker Mask
The Walking Dead Suit Walker Mask
Rick will never look at public transportation again after passing this undead walker and walking straight into the hoard that devours his horse. Click here to get the suit walker mask from The Walking Dead Zombie show.
Walking Dead Water Zombie Mask
Zombie Mask
Rising up from the depths of the still water lake comes the horrific Water Zombie. With his left eye and mouth almost completely rotted away, this over the head latex mask is ready to scare fellow tricksters.  Click here to get The Walking Dead water zombie masks.
Biohazard Zombie Mask
Dorian Latex Mask
Includes: Diseased look latex mask with elastic hair band to hold mask in place.  Click here to get The walking dead biohazard zombie mask.
Walking Dead Zombie RV Walker
The Walking Dead Camp RV Walker Mask
Season two of The Walking Dead brings new challenges for the survivors and Andrea has to defend herself with a screwdriver. Click here to get the RV Walker Walking Dead Zombie Mask.
Walking Dead Well Walker Costume
Walking Dead Well Walker Mask
Remember the Well Walker that was all bloated in The Walking Dead.  Click here to get Walking Dead Well Walker bloated mask.
Walking Dead Zombie Grave Crawler
Zombie Mask
Includes: Over-the-head latex mask complete with fractured eye and thin black dead hair and menacing gaze, this mask is sure to be your favorite! Click here to get a grave crawler Walking Dead Zombie mask.
The Walking Dead Zombie Roamer
Roamer Mask
Includes:  Full over the head latex zombie mask with rotted bloody flesh look.  Click here to get The Walking Dead Zombie Roamer.
Walking Dead Zombie Lurker Mask
Zombie Lurker Mask
Includes:  Full over the head latex mask crafted to depict a ravaged zombie with chunks of flesh missing and blood dripping out of every wound and attached hair.  Click here to The Walking Dead Zombie Lurker undead mask.
Walking Dead Pulsing Brains Zombie Mask
Digital Pulsing Zombie Brains Mask
Includes: Full over the head latex mask with exposed skull and bloody rotting flesh detail. You can transform your mask’s empty forehead into a moving, pulsing lifelike brain.  Simply download the free Digital Dudz App on your smart phone, slide your phone into the pouch, and launch the animation. Double tapping starts and stops the movement.  Click here to get the pulsing brain Zombie mask.
Walking Dead Zombie Chest Costume
Walking Dead Zombie Chest
No Zombie is complete without rotting flesh.  Includes: Latex chest plate which includes a perfectly anatomical rotting chest, ribs, and chest cavity.  Click here to The Walking Dead Zombie chest cavity.
Walking Dead Zombie Costume
Men's Zombie Costume
Includes: Pants with Zombie thigh and knee bones, Zombie mask, shirt with rotted flesh chest, skeletal forearms, skeletal gloves. Click here to get the pulsing brain Zombie mask.
Walking Dead Zombie Biter Mask
Walking Dead Biter Walker Mask
This aggressive zombie is a classic undead horror from the hit AMC TV series. Click here to The Walking Dead Zombie Biter Mask.
Walking Dead Zombie Jawless Mask
Walking Dead Jawless Walker Mask
Crawl and claw your way through the undead masses as this mangled zombie. Click here to get the Jawless Mask Walking Dead Zombie is on the loose.
Rotten Gums Zombie Mask
Walking Dead Zombie Masks- Rotten Gums
With striking and unnerving details molded in latex (like glazed-over eyeballs, skin sores, and exposed jaw and teeth), it has a level of realism that many people will find more than unsettling… so, in other words, you’re going to be a big hit at the Halloween party! Click here to The Walking Dead Zombie Rotting Gums Mask.
Pretty Woman Zombie Masks
Walking Dead Zombie Masks
At least one half of your face will look remarkably intact and quite lovely, and the other half? Well…we’ll leave that judgment to the zombie population.  Click here to get the pretty zombie lady.
Walking Dead Zombie Brains
Walking Dead zombie Masks
The first time took off a little bit of skull in the back, revealing some of his brains (or what’s left of them). The second came out nice, and the masks look better with some brain showing.   Click here to get the Zombie Brains Mask.
Walking Dead Skeleton Zombie Mask
Walking Dead Zombie Masks
Just pull this decaying face over your own and instantly be transformed into a vintage horror character from the classic comics! With this zombie’s eyes already missing from its sockets, you’ll surely get the chance so see other’s reactions to something they can’t help but fear!  Click here to get the Walking Dead Skeleton Zombie Masks.