Spider Man Costume Accessories for Kids

Spider man costume Accessories for Kids

Your little one wants to dress up like Spider man, that’s great! There are so many spiderman costume ideas available.  He is the loveable and friendly neighborhood superhero – Spider man.  We see him in movies saving people by web slinging off buildings, saving school buses by catching them with his web, wrapping up the bad guys in his web and saving them for police to find them.  Spiderman is Peter Parker.   Once your little one dresses up as Spider man don’t forget to pick up these Spider man costume accessories below to complete the spiderman look.  Click here to see more Spiderman costume ideas.

Spider Man Costume Accessories Ideas


Spider man Costume Accessories Flashlight

Spider Man Costume Accessories- Flashlight


Get this cool Spiderman flashlight!

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Spider man Costume Accessories – Gloves

Spider Man Costume Accessories - Gloves


Your little Spider-Man-obsessed kiddo will definitely need the right amount of stickiness in his or her fingers when it comes time to climb. Start out with the walls of the bedroom, with all important projects or Lego creations moved to a safe space. This is where failure is encouraged and rewarded with future successes. Next up, practice sessions can be moved outside, to the sides of your home or a sturdy tree.

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Spider Man Far From Home Gloves

Spider Man Costume Accessories - Gloves


These red gloves will make your child feel like they’re ready for anything that the Marvel Universe might stir up. The design has a webbed pattern with red fingers, perfect for pointing and shooting those imaginary webs. Top off a Spiderman costume with these gloves and you’ll notice your kid slipping these on for playing pretend and trick-or-treating alike.

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Spider man Costume Accessories – Boot Covers

Spider Man Costume Accessories - Boot Covers


Grab these Child Spider-Man Boot Covers to complete your little one’s Halloween costume. As long as these boot covers are over your kiddo’s favorite shoes, he will look more than ready to take down any villain. The Sinister Six won’t stand a chance, even the Avengers might call your knee-high hero up for some help in protecting the galaxy! These Spider-Man Boot Covers are a step in the right direction for your youngster’s career as our planet’s newest superhero.

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Spider Man Bucket

Spider Man Costume Accessories - Treat Bag


This Spider-Man Plastic Trick or Treat Bucket is Marvel Comics officially licensed. It’s made of molded plastic, shaped in the style of Spiderman’s head. Sans the top, of course, so you can fit candy inside! It measures about 8 inches tall, and is sure to be the perfect way to complete any kiddo’s comic book theme!

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Spider Man Costume Accessories Treat Bag

Spider Man Costume Accessories - Treat Bag


This officially licensed bag has the wall-crawler’s image right on the side! It also has a drawstring top, making it the premiere bag choice for any fan of the web-slinging superhero. Just pair this up with any of our Spider-Man costumes and your young hero will be able to bring in the motherlode.

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Spider Man Super Web Slinger Gun

Spider Man Costume Accessories - Web Slinging


This Spider-Man Super Web Slinger Blaster is a quick and easy way to shoot webs like a superhero. The toy blaster comes with a canister of webbing, a refillable water canister, the wrist blaster, and a Spidey glove. Just put the glove on, wrap the blaster around the wrist and load it with one of the canisters. The web canister shoots aerosol string, while the water canister can be filled with water to shoot water.

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Spider Man Treat Bag

Spider Man Costume Accessories - Treat Bag


This treat bag actually features 3 different variations of this beloved hero. The OG Peter Parker version leads the pack, followed by Miles Morales, and finally Miguel O’Hara. All 3 of these Spider-Men are amazing on their own but when they all come together, no villain stands a chance! No one will dare mess with your little one’s sweets with three web-heads on the bag and one holding it. Whichever Spider-Man your kiddo dresses up as this treat bag will be a perfect addition to his costume.

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Spider man Sunglasses

Spider Man Costume Accessories - Sunglasses


This pair of Spider-Man Sunglasses is great for any hero who wants to become a hero without sacrificing their snacking and one-lining abilities! The frames are shaped like Spidey’s signature mask and the lenses are made of shatter-resistant material and have a smoky tint. They also feature full UV protection, so they help protect your eyes from harmful rays.

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Spiderman Mask for kids

Spider Man Costume Accessories - Mask


This Spider-Man Homecoming flip up mask combines Spidey’s signature look with a convenient design that lets your child snack and play hero! The mask has a molded top that fits with an elastic band. It has open eye-holes for vision and it has the classic webbing design on the front. The bottom portion of the mask is made from fabric and can be easily flipped up, so your child can have a snack in the middle of being Spidey.

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