Riverdale – River Vixens Cheerleaders Costume

Riverdale River Vixens Cheerleaders Costume

The River Vixens are the cheerleading squad for Riverdale High School. The Captain is the fiery read-head sexy mean girl Cheryl Blossom. Newly arrived Veronica Lodge puts on a sexy show to make the squad putting Cheryl on notice that there is potentially a new Captain in town. Veronica also helped her innocent new friend Betty Cooper make the squad. Dark and sexy, this is not the Riverdale featured in the double digest comics.   I would love to join the River Vixens but don’t think I could ever pass the strict rules of Cheryl, the leader of the squad.  Good thing Betty and Veronica know a few moves.  Perhaps you do too since you get to wear the cheerleading outfit now.  Good luck!  Find Riverdale High River Vixens costume ideas below, both for cheerleading on the field and costume for practising your moves in the gym.  You are bound to look sexy and wild.

Riverdale High River Vixens Cheerleader Costume

River Vixens Cheerleader Costume

Riverdale River Vixens Cheerleading Costume


This classic cheerleader outfit is decked out in the Riverdale colors of blue and gold! It’s got the Riverdale “R” emblazoned on the chest, along with a megaphone, and the skirt has pleated paneling of blue and white, as well as gold trim accenting the hemline. This costume gives you a top, a skirt, and yellow pom-poms—basically everything you need to become a Vixen…aside from Cheryl’s approval, that is.

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Riverdale River Vixens Cheerleading Outfit Riverdale Vixens Cheerleader Shorts

Riverdale River Vixens Cheerleading Shorts


The River Vixens wear these blue shorts to practice their cheerleading moves.

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River Vixens Cheerleader Socks

Riverdale River Vixens Cheerleading Socks


These socks are  in the white and yellow colors of Riverdale.

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River Vixens Cheerleader Shirt

Riverdale River Vixens Cheerleading Shirt


You will enjoy this soft t-shirt, perfect for any fan of the Riverdale Vixens.

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River Vixens Cheerleader Outfit

Riverdale River Vixens Cheerleading Outfit


V-I-X-E-N-S! VIXENS! Get ready for the big game with this officially licensed Archie cheerleader warm up suit! Cheer on Riverdale High School in comfort and in style!  This is their practising outfit.

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