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Kids Captain Marvel Costume Ideas

Kids Captain Marvel Costume Ideas

Captain Marvel is from the Marvel universe.  She is a brave and ready to use her superpowers to protect Earth and take down the forces of evil Skrulls.  The Skrulls can shapeshift and sneaking into human society and secretly here to take over Earth.   Captain Marvel’s superpowers include her photo blast attack that comes out of her fingers and super-sonic flight.    This is a super cool superhero costume for your kid to dress up as this Halloween.  Find the best kids Captain Marvel costume ideas below.  Click here for more Captain Marvel superhero costumes.

Kids Captain Marvel Costume Ideas

Kids Captain Marvel Deluxe Costume

Kids Captain Marvel Costume


This officially licensed Captain Marvel costume is a deluxe outfit based on the Captain Marvel movie. It comes with a full body jumpsuit that fits with closures in the back. The dark blue suit has printed armor details, making your child look like she’s ready to stop any evildoer’s plan.  It also has bright red accents on the shoulders, arms, and feet. Of course, it has that shining gold star on the front to really capture the heroic look of Captain Marvel’s suit. The pant legs of the suit end in boot tops, so your child can wear their favorite pair of shoes with this jumpsuit. The finishing touch to this outfit is the mask, which recreates the look of the mask from the movie.

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Captain Marvel Kree Costume for Kids

Kids Captain Marvel Costume Kree Suit


This child Kree Captain Marvel costume brings your girl a look straight from the movie. The costume comes with a black, full body jumpsuit that has closures in the back for fitting. It has printed armor details in the front to help make your child look like a superhero ready for anything. Of course, it has a splash of teal color on the shoulders, on the sleeves, and on the pant legs to recreate the look from the movie. The sleeves end in fingerless gloves and the pant legs have elastic straps that can be strapped under any pair of your child’s shoes. Finally, the included mask fits with an elastic band and will have your child feeling ready to take on any kind of bad guy!

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Captain Marvel Socks

Kids Captain Marvel Costume socks


Captain Marvel knee-high socks.

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Captain Marvel Kids Gloves

Kids Captain Marvel Costume gloves


These Captain Marvel gloves are officially licensed from the movie and they’re designed to recreate the look of the gloves worn by Carol Danvers. The gloves feature a printed exterior, featuring faux armor details and blue fingertips. Just pair these up with a Captain Marvel costume and your young superhero will be ready to do battle with the forces of evil!

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Captain Marvel Photon Power Glove for Kids

Kids Captain Marvel Costume photon power glove


This Captain Marvel glove is officially licensed and it takes plenty of details from the movie. The top has a light up module with a giant star on top of it. Just press the button to activate the lights and sounds. One size fits most, so all you have to do is slip it on to feel like the Marvel powerhouse character.

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Captain Marvel Headpiece for Kids

Kids Captain Marvel Costume headpiece


This Captain Marvel headpiece is officially licensed from the 2019 movie and is designed to recreate Carol Danvers look. The headpiece has synthetic blonde hair, styled into the signature mohawk in the movie. It fits easily on your child’s head and makes for the perfect finishing touch for your child’s transformation into the Marvel superhero.

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