Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones Wun Wun Costume Ideas

GOT Wun Wun Costume Ideas

In Game of Thrones the largest giant in Westeros is known affectionately by Wun Wun.  He is seen at the battle with the white walkers.  He’s also present when they attack the village, Wun Wun singlehandedly kills a dozen at a time by stomping on them or ripping them apart.  He retreats into the sea with Jon Snow away from the White Walkers and Night King.  While Jon is in a boat, Wun  Wun walks himself to the ship waiting in the open water as Wun Wun is too big to fit in the boat.  Wun Wun is last seen in the Battle of the Bastards, the fight between Jon Snow and Ramsey Bolton (do I hate that guy).  Wun Wun is on the front lines, taking arrows from every direction.  He is finally killed by Ramsey with a arrow shot in the eye.  It’s so sad to see Wun Wun hurt, he’s such an adorable guy.  I’ll miss him on the show.  Anyways, find GOT Wun Wun costume idea below.

GOT Wun Wun Costume Idea

GOT Wun Wun Head Piece

Game of Thrones Wun Wun Costume Head Piece


You might be a big sized dude who could pass for a giant, or you might be a little undersized and want to wear this mask ironically. And either way, we’re sure, because you love Game of Thrones! Whenever, and however you want to go as Wun Wun, we highly recommend it! This mask recreates the makeup appearance of the character actor Ian Whyte, and it features battle wounds and scars for an extra touch of authenticity!

This mask is HBO officially licensed, and the perfect way to complete your Game of Thrones costume. Get it and we’re sure you’ll be ready to throwdown at your next costume party. Let’s just hope those White Walkers (and Boltons!) stay out of camp!

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Game of Thrones Wun Wun Costume Warrior

Game of Thrones Wun Wun Costume Warrior


Don’t think it really matters what clothes you wear with the Wun Wun mask headpiece, you will look like him no matter what.  But you do need a warrior outfit to match what Wun Wun needs to do.  This one is a perfect match.  He need to put his massive size to use by protecting Jon Snow from the White walkers.  Get that log ready, you’ll need to swing it hard.

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