Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones – Viper vs Mountain Fight Costume Ideas

Game of Thrones Viper vs Mountain Fight Costume

Game of Thrones is a plot of many twists and turns.  It’s an amazing HBO series that you must watch, or if you are here, you probably have watched it.  It’s crazy right with the amount of fighting, women, men, killing, evil, plotting and so much more.  In the Viper vs Mountain, this is when Tyrion Lannister asks the Viper aka Oberyn Martell to be his champion in a fight against the Mountain aka Gregor Clegane.   Tyrion Lannister was charged with killing his nephew King Joffrey Baratheon, which he was innocent of, but was the only one around that Cersei really hated and wanted to get rid of.  Cersei got him thrown into jail and it was a trial by combat.  Cersei’s champion, of course was the Mountain.   On the day of the fight, Tyrion saw Oberyn was dressed in light armor and the Mountain was dressed in full armor from head to toe.  Tyrion expressed his concern but Oberyn said that he favours speed over protection.  At the beginnings of the fight, it was in Tyrion’s favour.  Oberyn was slashing him and causing some serious damage but just wouldn’t end it.  He wouldn’t kill the Mountain until the Mountain confessed that he killed his sister and children.  In the end, Oberyn stepped a little too close to the Mountain and was a little too cocky and he knocked Oberyn off his feet, sat on top of him, used his thumbs to gouge his eyes out of his sockets and crushed Oberyn’s head with his bare hands.  What a scary guy.   I don’t know why you would want to dress up as such a scene.   Below are the Viper vs Mountain fight costume ideas.

GOT – Viper vs Mountain Fight Costume

Mountain Costume Helmet

Game of Thrones Mountain Costume Helmet


The Mountain seems to be an unstoppable force, especially now that he doesn’t seem to need sleep or food. His only need is the need to serve, and perhaps to cause pain. This Halloween, send shivers down the spine of anyone who plots to stand between the queen and the Iron Throne. This intimidating mask may not spark many verbal conversations but it will definitely leave an impression. Nothing will stop you now, except maybe a dragon, but those aren’t around anymore, right?

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Mountain Knight Costume

GOT - Viper vs Mountain Fight Costume - mountain knight costume


The Mountain’s gotta be covered up to fight against the Viper.  He’s fast on his feet but you’ve got the power and weight.  Use that against him and you’ll win the fight.

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The Mountain Knight Sword

GOT - Viper vs Mountain Fight Costume - mountain knight sword


You’re in a fight to the death.  Don’t forget to bring your sword.  Keep the pointy end pointed at the enemy, keep your head up and move around.  I guess you are called the Mountain, but still, don’t give up.   You do win at the end.

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Oberyn Martell Fight CostumeGame of Thrones Viper vs Mountain - Viper fighting costume


You have to be light on your feet against the Mountain.  Speed wins weight.  If you keep moving and tire your opponent out, you will have a chance against someone bigger than you.  That’s what happened with this fight with Viper vs Mountain.  Just don’t get too confident of yourself and get yourself killed.

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Oberyn Martell Spear

GOT - Viper vs Mountain Fight Costume - Oberyn spear


You are shorter and smaller than the Mountain.  Your spear has a longer reach and makes slashes the Mountain till he’s stuck on the ground and can’t move.  This spear is your weapon and you are good with it.

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Oberyn Gouged Eyes
GOT - Viper vs Mountain Fight Costume - Oberyn gouged eyesSorry to say, that Oberyn did not win this battle.  Oberyn was winning in the beginning but in the end, the Mountain just use his thumbs and gouged out his eyes from the sockets and crushed his skull.  It was a shocking thing to watch.

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