Transformers – Optimus Prime Costume for Boys

Optimus Prime Costume for Boys Kids Halloween

Optimus Prime is a fictional character in the TV series and movie Transformers.  He has a red chest and blue body where his wheels are.  Optimus Prime is the leader of the good guys, the Autobots.  All the Autobots transforms into vehicles.  Optimus Prime transforms into a Kenworth K100 cab over truck.   Optimus Prime always fights against the Decepticons.  The Transformers are a faction of transforming species of synthetic intelligence from the planet Cybertron.  Click here for some Bumblebee Transformer costumes for adults, kids and girls.  See below for Optimus Prime Costume for kids.  ROLL OUT!

Optimus Prime Costumes for Boys

Classic Optimus Prime Costume
Child Classic Optimus Prime Costume
Your son can become the leader of the Autobots.  Click here to get an Optimus Prime costume for your son.
Deluxe Optimus Prime Costume for Kids
Boys Transformers 4 Optimus Prime Deluxe Costume
Want a fancier Transformer costume?  Click here to get the deluxe version which includes a shield of Optimus Prime’s costume for kids
Optimus Prime Toddler Boy Costume
Toddler Optimus Prime Rescue Bot Costume
It would be so cute if your little boy dresses up as Optimus Prime.  Click here to get the perfect Optimus Prime toddler costume.
Prestige Optimus Prime Costume for Boys
Transformers 4 Boys Optimus Prime Prestige Costume
The prestige costume includes a pair of gloves, muscle torso and arms, Prime’s headpiece and detachable faceplate.  Click here to get the Costume of costumes for Optimus Prime.
Toddler Muscle Chest Costume for Kids
Toddler Optimus Prime Muscle Chest Costume
This is the cutest muscle chest costume of Optimus Prime for toddlers.  Click here to transformer you little munchkin into a muscled Optimus Prime for Halloween.
Optimus Prime’s Sword
Transformers 4 Optimus Prime Sword
Optimus Prime’s outfit will definitely need to include his legendary battle sword.  Click here to get his battle sword to take on the Decepticons.
Optimus Prime Transformer Gloves for boys
Child Optimus Prime Movie Gloves
Most of the costumes don’t include gloves.  Complete your kids look by getting the Transformers Optimus Prime Gloves.  Click here to get the Gloves.
Optimus Prime Shield
Transformers 4 Optimus Prime Shield
Protect yourself when you are dressed up as Optimus Prime.  A shield will deflect most of the attacks from Megatron.  Click here to get an Optimus Prime Shield.
Classic Optimus Prime Costume for Boys
Boy's Optimus Prime Animated Costume
This is the classic look of the Transformers. Click here to get the ultimate classic Transformers Optimus Prime costume for boys.
Cartoon look Optimus Prime Costume
Boys Optimus Prime Costume
This is the look from the cartoons on TV.  Click here to get the Optimus Prime look that you see on TV.
Optimus Prime Premium Scale Action Figure
Transformers Movie Optimus Prime Premium Scale Figure
Autobots – roll out! This Transformers Movie Optimus Prime Premium Scale Action Figure stands a massive 19-Inches tall and will be the prize of your Transformers collection.  Click here to get a this premium Optimus Prime figure.
Infant Optimus Prime Costume
Infant Transformers Optimus Prime Infant Costume
This costume will fit 12-18 month old infant.  Click here to transform your baby into Optimus Prime.  Who knew he was a robot in disguise.