TMNT 2014 – Leonardo Kids Costume

TMNT Leonardo Kids Costume

Leonardo is one of the four turtles in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  He and his brothers live in the sewers of New York City and fight crime.  The “bad guys” are mutant animals, large rodents, aliens, evil overlords and criminals.  Leonardo is the eldest and leader of the TMNT clan.  He wears a blue bandana and his signature weapon are two swords.  He is the most disciplined turtle.  Since the 2014 movie, the turtles outlook has become more hardened, muscular and not cutsey anymore.  Here are some Leonardo kids costume ideas for Halloween.

TMNT Leonardo Kids Costume
TMNT Leonardo Kids Costume

Your little leader will love putting on this molded jumpsuit and full face mask, complete with Leo’s signature blue hue. All he has to do is add that pair of plastic katana swords you found in his closet and he’s well-equipped to step into his new role!

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TMNT Leonardo Katana
TMNT Leonardo Kids Costume

So when you’re having problems fighting foes like Shredder and the Foot Clan, carrying around this TMNT Leonardo Katana can come in pretty handy. In fact, it’s essential! The sturdy plastic sword has a 5″ grip painted to look like wood, and the 16″ silver glad has a slight curve and tapered tip. Get two of them to complete any TMNT Leonardo costume,

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TMNT Leonardo Kids Costume Mask
TMNT Leonardo Kids Costume

It will be your tot’s duty to keep the team together and to make sure they all make it back to their sewer layer safe and sound. So you’ll want to make sure your little Leo has enough pizza to keep him energized and ready to kick bad guy butt!

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TMNT Leonardo Kids Costume Deluxe Jumpsuit
TMNT Leonardo Kids Costume

The seemingly simple jumpsuit fastens with Velcro and has a keen 3D padded shell in back. Faux turtle feet cover your tyke’s boots and the bright blue colored belt, arm pads, and knee pads mark your kiddo as perfectly balanced leader of the whole Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle squad!

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TMNT Leonardo Toddlers Costume
TMNT Leonardo Kids Costume

The soft jumpsuit is printed to look like green spotty amphibian skin, and features built in matching shoe covers, and knee and elbow pads. The plush turtle shell and green cap give him the complete TMNT look, so your little crime fighter will be ready jump right into action.

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