Thanksgiving Turkey Costume Ideas

Thanksgiving Turkey Costume Ideas for Babies

Thanksgiving doesn’t just have to be about how you cook your turkey, you can dress up as one too.  This Thanksgiving, pick up a costume and dress up like a turkey.  It’s bound to get your folks laughing and the kids giggling.  This costume will bring joy to everyone around you.  It’s perfect for any Thanksgiving event, Turkey trot race, Halloween costume, a turkey party, a turkey left over eating party.  You know there’s always tons of turkey left over from Thanksgiving dinner.  You name it, this turkey is perfect for any occasion.  Click here for more Thanksgiving costume ideas.  Below you will find Turkey costume ideas for adults and kids.

Thanksgiving Turkey Costume Ideas

Adult Fleece Turkey Gobbler Costume

Thanksgiving Adult Fleece Turkey Costume


  • Bodysuit ties together at back of neck
  • Wrists & ankles have elastic sewn in them
  • Two clear straps go around shoulder to keep feathers upright
  • Plush turkey face and beak w/ red collar on the headpiece
  • Also included, two yellow turkey feet shoe covers

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Kids Turkey Costume

Thanksgiving Kids Turkey Costume


Once he jumps into the colorful jumpsuit all that needs to be done is securely attaching the turkey headpiece and popping the yellow foam shoe covers on. This Kids Turkey Costume will be a perfect reminder during Halloween to be thankful and will certainly make any Thanksgiving celebration stuffed with even more fun!

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Hand Turkey Gobbler Costume for Kids

Thanksgiving Hand Turkey Costume for Kids


This tunic makes it easy to transform. Just slip the colorful tunic over your child’s head, one arm goes through the hole, the other makes the head of the turkey.

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Thanksgiving Turkey Costume

Thanksgiving Turkey Costume


Pay tribute to one of nature’s great underdogs with this winningly goofy polyester costume featuring a long, red neck with turkey-face head piece, red turkey-foot shoe covers, and a sparkly brown and gold body with orange accents on the wings and tail.

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Hand Turkey Costume for Adults

Thanksgiving Hand Turkey Costume for Adults


This hand turkey costume looks exactly like the drawings you made back in elementary school. The plush over-the-head costume features colorful feathers (or fingers, however you choose to look at it) and cutouts for your head and arm. Your other arm is used to fill out the turkey’s head!

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Toddler Turkey Costume

Thanksgiving Toddler Turkey Costume


Super cute turkey costume to dress up your little one as a turkey.  This will be great for memories and family pictures.

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Mascot Turkey Costume

Thanksgiving Mascot Turkey Costume


  • 100% Polyester plush jumpsuit
  • Interior lined with smooth, breathable material
  • Hanging sleeves form wings and are sewn shut at the ends
  • Padded rear so colorful feathers stand up in the back
  • Three toed yellow shoe covers open on the bottom
  • Side zipper and button on the neck secue the jumpsuit
  • Turkey head has mesh over eyes so you can easily see out

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Gobbler Turkey Costume

Thanksgiving Gobbler Turkey Costume


This jumpsuit is eye-catching with a metallic bronze fabric. The window in front allows the wearer to see and breath. The tassels on the bottom make this delectable cooked bird look complete.

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Raw Turkey Mask

Thanksgiving Raw Turkey Mask


This Raw Turkey Mask will cover your face. You will make everyone’s mouths water when you enter the party scene neck deep in this bird. They’ll all start thinking about their own family traditions for Thanksgiving and begin yearning for mom’s perfect mashed potatoes, grandma’s famous pumpkin pie, and grandpa’s hysterical table talk.

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Roasted Turkey Hat

Thanksgiving Roasted Turkey Hat


This adult roasted turkey hat shows off a golden bird in all of its glory. The soft hat fits comfortably on your noggin and it’s sculpted to look like a cooked turkey.

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Deluxe Adult Turkey Costume

Thanksgiving Deluxe Adult Turkey Costume


So if you’re as excited to get into the Thanksgiving spirit as we are, then this Adult Deluxe Turkey Costume is the perfect costume for you! Made of 100% polyester, this turkey costume features a headpiece with a Velcro enclosure on the back, foot covers that also have elastic bands and Velcro enclosures on the back, and a tail with elastic bands that go over shoulders and hold the tail upward! The costume also sports wings that also have elastic bands that go over the wrists. Add some gloves and tights for those turkey legs, and boom – put a fork in it, because you’re done!

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Turkey Costume for Babies

Thanksgiving Turkey Costume for Babies


Lil’ Gobbler Costume.-Lined zippered jumpsuit with leg snaps for easy diaper change.-Hood with plush tuft and detachable tail feathers.-Slip-on booties with skid resistant bottoms.  Will transform your little baby into an adorable turkey.

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