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Star Wars Imperial Guard Costume for Halloween

Star Wars Imperial Guard costume Empire Royal Guards

Star Wars Imperial Guard is an elite unit of the Galactic Empire’s armed forced.  Their priority is to protect the Emperor.  Emperor Palpatine was never seen without the Royal Guards at his side and even protected him while he slept.  There were often 50-10,000 Imperial Guards protecting the Emperor on the Death Star.   Find Star Wars Imperial Guard costumes below.  Follow the link here to see more Star Wars costumes.

Star Wars Imperial Guard Costume

Supreme Imperial Guard Costume
Supreme Edition Imperial Guard Costume
The highest honor of servitude to the Empire that a soldier could gain, the Imperial Guard served as Emperor Palpatine’s elite personal guard. Only Stormtroopers of the highest caliber with unshakable loyalty were considered for the position. So here’s the question you have to ask yourself. Will you lay you life down for the will of the Empire? Think carefully.  Click here to get the Star Wars Imperial Guard costume.
Imperial Guard Costume Includes:

  • 100% polyester garments
  • Burgundy robe w/ crushed velvet exterior and satin interior
  • Robe stretches to fit w/ Velcro at back of neck for fitting
  • Adjustable brugundy waist belt w/ polyurethane lining and decorative knot in front
  • Red velvet cloak w/ layered burgundy interior
  • Cloak secures into place w/ Velcro and metal clip
  • Note: cloak has only one opening for arms, not two as depicted in image
  • A pair of mahogany colored faux leather gloves
  • Molded collector’s Imperial Guard helmet w/ tinted visor
  • Unbreakable loyalty to the Empire a necessity before wearing
Star Wars Masks – Imperial Guard Helmet
Imperial Guard Helmet
The Emperor only trusts a certain few to guard his throne room. These Imperial guards have been trained in the best combat skills and know how to keep the darkest secrets in all the galaxy. Now you can look just like one these guards straight out of Star Wars Return of the Jedi with this great helmet.  Click here to get the Imperial Guard Helmet.
Imperial Guard Weapon
Imperial Guard Staff
Your Imperial Guard costume isn’t complete until you add this guard staff to your outfit. It’s officially licensed with a look that comes straight out of the Star Wars movies. This makes a great gift for any Star Wars fans, or as an accessory for an cosplay or Halloween costumes.  Click here to get the Star Wars Imperial Guard costume staff.
Imperial Guard Costume Boots
Superhero Boots
Protect your Emperor and don’t forget to complete your costume with a pair of red boots.  Click here to get Star Wars Imperial Guard costume red boots.