Sexy Christmas Costume Ideas for Adults

Sexy Christmas Costume - Santa

Since we are in this pandemic, we need to find was to amuse ourselves and what better way than to dress up for Christmas?  This Christmas your job is to work in Santa’s workshop or help with preparations to get ready for Christmas.  Making presents and keeping Santa warm are some of the top tasks you have this Christmas.  Find the best sexy Christmas Costume ideas for adults.  Sexy Christmas costumes include Sexy Santa, Sexy elves, Sexy Reindeers, Sexy Snowman and more.  Click here to see more Sexy Christmas costumes.

Sexy Christmas Costume Ideas

Women’s Sexy Santa Elf Costume

Sexy Christmas Costume Ideas for Adults - Santa

For a changeup to your normal Christmas party attire or for moonlighting as one of Santa’s toymakers as a side hustle, you’re going to love the holiday-themed design of this Santa Elf Costume for Women. It features a green velvet bodysuit. Long sleeves, ribbon piping accents, and a stripe trimmed v neckline make this style extra sweet. The jingle bell collar, belt, and hat are included too.

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Sexy Santa Bodysuit

Sexy Christmas Costume Ideas for Adults - Santa


Either way, Santa will hurry down the chimney to see you in this body celebrating crushed velvet red dress with its festive faux-fur white trim. The stockings and stilettos are sold separately, but this matching Santa hat comes with the package. Whether it turns out to be a white Christmas or you feel like you’re vacationing in the tropics, this eye-catching outfit will put a little oomph in your holiday season faster than you can say “schmience” while sliding down a chimney.

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Sexy Reindeer Costume

Sexy Christmas Costume Ideas for Adults - Reindeer


You might be the only one who pauses when they here “Santa Claus is Coming to Town.” And that’s not because you hate Santa. It’s because you’re one of his reindeer! Yup, you’re a true, loyal servant to Ol’ St. Nick, and you’re a doggone hard worker. Because pulling that flying sleigh all over planet earth is a tough task! Maybe there’s something we could do to make the Christmas grind a bit more fun this year, though. Perhaps a new outfit might do the trick? If you’re feeling like that could brighten your mood and make the sleigh pulling easier, we say go for it! And we already have a choice selection for just that in mind. You just gotta grab this Women’s Sexy Reindeer Costume!

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 Mean Girls Sexy Santa Costume

Sexy Christmas Costume Ideas for Adults - Santa


Being a member of the Plastics, a gang of the most popular girls in school, just isn’t enough for Regina George and her posse of fellow mean girls. They need to put on the most fetch performance for the winter talent show. Every year the whole school looks forward to seeing the Plastics dance to “Jingle Bell Rock” in their risque Santa outfits because well, the reasons are obvious. Plus, hottie Aaron Samuels is sitting in the audience and it’s important to impress him since he’s Regina’s highly sought-after man-candy.

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Sexy Classic Mrs. Claus Costume

Adlut warthog costume for adults

When you’ve got a Mrs. Claus costume this cute, no one will mind if you throw it on for Christmas in July, Halloween, and the Thanksgiving parade! Sure, you might be a little early but this fit-and-flair ensemble will get everyone on the same page of your very own Christmas story!

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Sexy Glitter Elf Costume

Sexy Christmas Costume Ideas for Adults - Elf


This shimmering number is covered in sequins, as in its finished with lots and lots of them all over the dress, hat, and matching gloves. With that much shine, you’re sure to stand out as one of Santa’s top helpers!

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Sexy Rudolph Costume for Men

Sexy Christmas Costume Ideas for Adults - Rudolph

Bring some holiday heat with this exclusive Men’s Sexy Reindeer Costume. The costume is made from the finest, 100 percent polyester. The crushed stretched velvet shorts have white faux fur trim and a tail attached on the back. There’s also a polyurethane vinyl choker and red harness, both of which have bells on them. The choker has a hook-and-loop fastener on the back for easy wear. The costume comes with a pair of fingerless gloves that have stretchy black fabric with faux fur trim, and there’s also a crushed velvet headband with attached felt antlers. Never before has Rudolph looked so darn sexy!

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Sexy Nutcracker Costume

Sexy Christmas Costume Ideas for Adults - Nutcracker


This bright and cheerful outfit is a great way to bring The Nutcracker into the modern era. The zippered bodysuit is detailed with scrolling gold, buttons down the bodice, and a blue belt around the waist. Fringe makes the shoulders pop for a militaristic image. The white-collar secures around the neck while the scoop neckline lets you embrace the flirty Christmas vibe. The costume is completed with a nifty top hat with a feather in the brim!

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Sexy Santa Baby Costume

Sexy Christmas Costume Ideas for Adults - Santa

Did you ask for mild temps in your stocking? Lately, the weather in December has been more “nice” than “naughty,” which means this Sexy Santa Baby Costume is bound to be just the right amount of cozy for your Christmas cheer. We’d like to thank you if you’re responsible for the wonderful weather patterns and sunny outlook. We guess it’s because Santa seems to pay very close attention to your wish list. A yacht? Check. Duplex? Check. Diamond ring? Under the tree. A few things from Tiffany’s? Check your stocking. New car? Waiting outside in the driveway. So is it really so far off to assume that your allure is the cause of all this beautiful Christmastime weather?

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Sexy Sequin Santa Costume

Sexy Christmas Costume Ideas for Adults - Santa


This costume is lush with sparkling sequins in true, crimson red. The two-piece costume has a zippered swing-skirt that’s trimmed in a white faux fur along the skirt hem and a stretchy black belt that loops through the skirt’s belt loops. The whole look speaks of Santa Claus! The top has a matching white trim along the sweetheart neckline. It’s held up with clear, adjustable straps that can be detached if you so choose. A luxurious Santa hat tops off the whole costume to complete your fabulous Christmas look. Rich sparkles, warm red tones, white faux fur trim, and a unique cut will make your delightful Santa look unique, flirtatious, and classic!

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Sexy Snowman Costume

Sexy Christmas Costume Ideas for Adults - Snowman

But you’re sick of the standard snowman. You want to mix things up, give snowmen a fresh new look. Something more playful, maybe a bit more alluring. You want to make snowmen feel as magical and charming as they were when you first saw Frosty on the tv.

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Sexy Christmas Costume – Santa

Sexy Christmas Costume - Santa


You will for sure turn heads in this sexy sequin Santa Costume.  Don’t let anyone stand in your way to be the center of attention.  You deserve it and you will get it.  You only live once so do it all out.  This is a cute and sexy santa outfit with sequins, you will glitter the night away.

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